October 31, 2014-Happy Halloween!

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All ready for candy collecting...

  • The kids had been in our bed for about 2 minutes when I decided that it would just be best for me to climb out and finish my resting on the floor.  Usually, if I get out of bed to lay on the floor half of the bed follows me.  (Actually, anytime I go anywhere a handful of people follow me-I go upstairs they are right behind me, I go to the garage and as soon as I turn around to come back in they are there and if I go to the bathroom they are there as well)  But not this morning, I wedged myself between Robby's side of the bed and the wall.  Campbell even asked if she could lay by me and unfortunately, there just wasn't room!
  • When we did finally get up, I made the kids do a school box while I baked cinnamon rolls.  We devoured 2 cans and I think that the boys could have eaten some more.  There was half of a cinnamon roll left and Keaton was adamant that we saved Robby the last one.  I told her that Daddy would want for me to eat it for him.  She didn't really buy this but I still ate it.
  • School was fine but it is always surprising that on days that I think we will finish school early but we just don't.  We did finish on time and had plenty of times to read a few extra books-though we read a little longer than I planned and had lunch pretty late.  
  • As soon as lunch was over we quickly got to work.  The kids helped clean up a bit and then it was time to go through Keaton's clothes.  My Keaton thought it was Christmas going through bin after bin of her clothes.  She would squeal, jump up and down and try on almost everything that she could get her hands on.  I was working as fast as I could so she would have fewer things to try on.
  • Robby was home early and was there just in time to tell Whitman and Keaton good night for their afternoon nap.  During the nap, the others watched tv while I put up all of Keaton's clothes and then made some cookies.  The recipe said they made 20 cookies so I doubled the recipe and after making 5 dozen cookies, I still had half of my mixing bowl left with cookie dough to cook.  My time was running out so I finally just put the rest in the freezer.  
  • The kids put on their costumes and Whitman had a shower.  After his shower, I sat him in my lap to put on his clothes.  He grabbed his costume and started trying to put it on himself-that boy knew everyone else was dressed up and he needed to be too.  
  • Our first Halloween stop was the Sonic to pick up corndogs.  Then we all got out and ate at Grannymom's house.  Lilli and Cash showed up too and then everyone trick or treated at Grannymom's neighbors house.  
  • Then it was back into the car to Nonna and Pops' house.  We trick or treated at their house and at one of their neighbors house.  Next up was Beebee's place and as we were walking in there Reagan asked "are we going to have to take a group picture here too?"  I guess we were busy talking to her and didn't notice Anderson walking down the hall ahead of us.  To me, he looked like a ninja man going down the hallway, but to the people in the nursing home he probably looked like the grim reaper so I quickly called him back to us.  
  • After leaving Beebee, we then went to our annual popcorn and cotton candy stop at the Browns.  The kids were great sticking with us and walking in a straight line when we were having to dodge traffic.  It was cold but no one complained and all wore their coats (some).  We hit quite a few houses for candy and Keaton really enjoyed this as long as one of her sisters went with her.  The boys would occasionally help her on stairs if they heard me calling out "help your sister" but other than that, they were just out for themselves!
  • By the time we made it back to the car, Keaton was saying her feet hurt and Graham was asking how many houses we would go to.  They were all getting tired and poor Whitman never woke up to enjoy his candy.
  • Once at home, we all changed into warm pjs and then looked at all of their loot.  My Anderson put his candy on the table and then divided it out-I love that because that is exactly what I did!  They ate some and then iit was time to brush those teeth and head to bed.  Halloween was today and Thanksgiving tomorrow. 

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