Christmas Ornament Countdown: 24 Days until Christmas

It is that time again to showcase some of our Christmas ornaments.  By my current lists, we have 204 ornaments that we have purchased during our travels.  That sounds like a ton and truth be told, it is so many that I can't even put them all of my tree.  This saddens me greatly and I am thinking now about a bigger tree in the living room and moving my current tree to the kitchen.

Each year that I put up the ornaments, I regret not hanging all of the picture frames together, all of the balls together, all of the Santas together-I could have lots of categories-animals, food, instruments, transportation or even Disney. Maybe I need lots of themed trees!  (Though putting up two trees this year was quite a challenge!) Though Reagan did say that our tree looked "weird, a good weird but weird."

The first ornament that I will highlight this year is one of the Statue of Liberty.  This ornament was one of the few that we didn't buy on a trip-I bought it many moons ago when I thought I wouldn't have enough travel ornaments to fill our tree.  I actually think this is one of the non-prettiest ornament that we have but it does remind me of our trips to New York.  We have been to New York City 4 different times and I would love to go back.

Our first trip was in 2006 and you can click here for those pictures.  The next trip was in 2007 and here are those pictures. (I am not sure that link is working properly right now though.)  The next time was came back was in 2009 with 3 kids and click here for those pictures. Our last trip was just a year later in 2010 and here are those pictures.

Hope you enjoy my trip through memory lane as we look at some of our ornaments.

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