April 10, 2015

Night Out at Nonna and Pops!
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  • The kids were up earlier than I was this morning but we still managed to get everything going on time.  Breakfast was served up and then school was started.  My normal routine is to clean the kitchen after breakfast while the kids get school started but today I did everything but the kitchen.  I think I had a little bit of kitchen cleaning ADD.
  • Usually when Campbell works with me on her reading book she is distracted and a bit put out that she is actually having to do school work during our school time.  But today she really worked well during our whole 10 minutes that we worked together.  Because of her hard work, I let her in on a little secret-there was one last Easter egg sitting outside my bedroom window.  I quietly showed it to her and reminded her to not tell anyone or they may get it first.  So this afternoon when we went outside, she remembered that egg and was pleased with the quarter that was inside of it.
  • Everyone but Anderson finished their school work today by 11 so we started on our together work.  We only have about 2 official days of science left this year and that makes me happy, happy.  I haven't yet found my favorite science curriculum (first one we tried was way too much reading and the current one cost too much) so who knows what we will do next year-maybe I will find the right fit of us.
  • During lunch, the girls had a Red Box movie from yesterday that we had to watch so after I read just a little bit, I turned on the movie during lunch which they watched until we left for Beebee's place.  We even watched the movie in the car on the way there. My plan was to return it on the way home but it didn't finish until we were in the driveway so we will just have to turn it in tomorrow.
  • Nonna was at Beebee's place so that made things a bit easier.  My Whitman is a handful every single time that we are there-like maybe I should just leave him in the car during out visit.  I could leave the movie and air on and he would be fine.  Or maybe I could give him some Benedryl before out visits.  That boy isn't going to get to go to soccer practice anymore, or go to Beebee's place anymore either if he doesn't grow out of his terrible twos stage!
  • Anderson and Graham left with Nonna today for an outing.  They picked up Pops and then did a bit of shopping and a whole lot of eating!  They even spent the dollar that Beebee had given them and bought some candy at the mall.  Nonna said that Graham thought carefully about what he could buy to give everyone a bit.  
  • Back at home this afternoon, Reagan, Campbell and Keaton went through Reagan and Campbell's boxes of clothes today.  Our mission was to just pull out all of the clothes that would now fit them.  It took a long, long time-long enough that even Reagan was tired of trying on clothes by the time that we had finished.  
  • When we did finish with the clothes, I woke up Whitman.  I gave him a snack and let him watch a bit of tv with the girls.  I then snuck outside to join Robby in the yard.  Soon the little girls were outside and I asked if Whitman saw them leave and they said that he did not.  About 20 minutes later, Whitman came out.  I saw him and went in to find his shoes and socks  I bumped into Reagan who was coming out and asking "is Whitman out there?"  I guess she was watching him after all!
  • They boys had had lots of fun when Nonna and Pops brought them home.  And when Nonna and Pops tried to leave, Whitman climbed in the car and then started waving bye bye at me.  Of course Nonna and Pops decided that they would take him so Keaton thought she would try the same thing and after a few tears she was also able to go with them.  It was nearly 7 when they left so after supper and a shower, those 2 went to bed!
  • After we finished the yard, it was soccer time-Robby, Anderson and Campbell against Graham, Reagan and me.  We smoked them today-after getting beat badly yesterday.  Then it was inside for showers and supper for a few kids.  We let them stay up way too late and now it is practically out bedtime too!

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