April 9, 2015

Would you like a hot dog?
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  • Pancakes and waffles are always a messy breakfast to serve and then to clean up afterwards.  I can't imagine how messy it would be if we had actually made the pancakes and waffles and not just heated them up.  This is one of the most favorite breakfasts here at the Dennie house and syrup everywhere is worth a bunch of happy kids.
  • Thursdays are Keaton's favorite day of the week because she gets to go with Robby to take Campbell to school.  And since Whitman rides along too, that makes Thursdays my favorite school morning!  
  • The big 3 usually work fairly well during this time but today my Graham was the most distracted I have ever seen him.  I am going to assume that he was in some type of allergy induced fog (don't I hear about that in commercials or maybe I just made that up.)  That boy sneezed at least 20 times in row.  Of course this makes Robby proud since he sneezes multiple times in row like that at work-enough so that people make fun of him!  I guess both of them might be a bit allergic to work. 
  • When Keaton and Whitman came home things were going still fairly well until my Whitman started to look around for someone to bite.  He bit Keaton pretty good yesterday so when he came at me today, I thought surely he wouldn't bite me-the woman who gave birth to him.  But I was wrong!  I escaped without injury (Keaton thinks that Whitman bit the hold in her tummy-her belly button) and Whitman was immediately taken to his bed!  
  • The poor thing still isn't feeling all that great because when I went to get him about 20 minutes later, he was snoring away.  He never woke up when I picked him up, brought him downstairs or buckled him in Robby's car.  This is the third day of his medicine but I do not think that he is feeling much better yet.
  • Robby brought Campbell home and we pulled a multitude of options out of the fridge for lunch.  Everyone ate up and then we had a few chores before I ran upstairs to finish changing over the boys clothes.  Reagan and Campbell are so anxious to start on their clothes change over so hopefully that will take place tomorrow.  
  • Nonna came by with a new piece of clothing for everyone.  The kids were all pleased with her selections.  While Nonna was here she saw Graham working with Campbell on her letters and then Campbell sat down with Keaton and worked on teaching her the Resurrection eggs.
  • When Nonna left, we went outside to do some raking.  Robby and I raked the area that he wanted to accomplish today and had just started on the next area when it started raining pretty good.  We started scurrying around moving the tarps of leaves.  The boys even came out of the garage (Graham wearing rain boots-I have no idea how he had time to put those on) to help up pull the largest and fullest tarp ever.  Of course the rain stopped just as soon as we had finished putting everything up.  
  • So we decided to forgo anymore work and play a game of soccer.  We played and played until we were all hot and sweaty.  Robby needed to run to Dana's house for a few minutes so he took the sweaty kids and they played with Lilli and Cash for awhile.  Meanwhile after Whitman woke up, we hung out watching the weather and eating a snack.
  • When they all came home, everyone had showers or baths and then it was time for supper.  What we didn't eat from the fridge for lunch, we ate for supper.  I think that everyone had something different so supper was a success.
  • Tonight while Reagan was helping move some bins in the attic (she wasn't all the way in the attic and was perfectly safe) she saw a doll cradle that came from Robby's Granny's house.  We pulled it out and she found a blanket and baby doll to go inside of it.  Then she brought downstairs to show Campbell and Keaton.  Campbell saw that cradle and said "did you make that?"  Robby and I got so tickled wondering if Campbell really thought Reagan did a little bit of woodwork while she was at school today.
  • We all finished watching Big Hero 6 in the bonus room.  When we went up to the bonus room, Whitman pulled out all of the wii controllers so we could start playing-he didn't understand we were watching a movie.  Then he held the steering wheel controller throughout the movie and during a car chase, he lifted up the controlled and tried to street the car.  Then it was bedtime for the entire crew.

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