April 28, 2015

It was some kind of holiday at Krispy Kreme!
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  • We did wake up a bit earlier today and Campbell was dressed and eating breakfast with everyone in plenty of time.  I did have my eye on the clock since at 8 I needed to call for Whitman a doctor's appointment.
  • Robby and Campbell headed to school and work and the rest of us started school.  Today school was oddly calm.  The kids worked fairly quietly and at one point, I walked by the school room and could hear all 3 of them counting out loud while working on their math.  Now even though I said that things were "oddly calm" I am still taking into account that Graham knocked Anderson and his chair over and Anderson chased Graham around the house once.  But other than that, things were calm-calm enough that I took a shower during the middle of school (yep, a shower to help clear my head of some of my stuffiness which is some better today.)
  • At 11, we did our together reading and the kids had some candy.  Then we had a few minutes to work on some of chores and then it was time to load up for Nonna's house.  Nonna had picked up Campbell and the first thing Campbell said to us when we all climbed out of the van was "you didn't bring my baby doll" and then she began to sob.  
  • I guess we interrupted Campbell's normal routine at Nonna's house because there was more sobbing when I told her that she had to eat lunch in the kitchen and not in the living room.  She wanted to watch Doc and this greatly upset her.  My Campbell always has a hard time getting back into the swing of things here and it probably doesn't help much that she is probably getting some of Whitman's cold.
  • Whitman wasn't too happy with me either when I told him that it was time for us to go.  And when we pulled into the doctor's office parking lot, he started saying "no" and I had to pull him out of the car.  I have no idea why he was acting like that since the doctor's office hasn't included shots or anything scary for him in a long time.  Today we spent our time looking at the big pictures of Graham and Campbell, dancing in the exam room and washing his hands.  Washing his hands led to water all over the floor-I spent a good 10 minutes before Martin walked in mopping up the floor with paper towels!
  • Well, yesterday I said that Whitman was being consistent about which ear he said hurt.  This morning he would point to both when I asked him but he would also point to his head, shoulders, knees and toes when I asked him about those too!  My little 2 year old was right though-the ear that he had pointed at yesterday was infected and the other was full of fluid and soon to be infected.  I sure didn't tell anyone at the doctor's office that I was there because the baby said his ears hurt-until after I was sure they were infected (I didn't want them to think that I was crazy.)
  • After picking up Whitman's medicine, we went back to Nonna's house and the kids continued to play outside for a bit more.  The kids played with Nonna's next door neighbor until I loaded up the van.  Once at home, the kids had some time to watch a movie or two while I heated up supper.
  • Robby came home and we ate supper and then we did a dress rehearsal of the kids oral reports.  They are going to be good ones-I just can't wait to see everyone!  I will tell you that two of our historical characters are Katharine Wright (sister of Wilbur and Orville) and Booker T. Washington.  You will just have to wait to learn who the others one are!
  • After such good oral reports, we needed a reward and since Krispy Kreme had a buy one get one free event, it was meant to be!  We picked up Lilli and Cash on the way and the kids devoured a dozen and a half doughnuts before I could even find napkins to pass out!  We dropped off Lilli and Cash and then headed home for bedtime!

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