April 21, 2015

Thumbs Up on the Brownies!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • I do believe that all of my kiddos could have slept another hour at least this morning.  But when I started stirring everyone, my Campbell was downstairs, dressed and trying to help me get breakfast ready before I could even get my oldest and youngest out of bed.
  • Campbell was so excited because today was the day she had a playdate with Adalyn.  Pretty early this morning, Adalyn's mom called and my heart immediately sunk thinking that they were having to cancel-my Campbell would have been devastated.  But no, Adalyn's dad was sick so she was just letting me know that they were going to the park and out to eat instead.
  • As Robby was about to leave, Keaton looked at me and said "Does Daddy have his wallet?"  Robby has gotten pretty bad about misplacing his wallet around here so I guess Keaton has noticed and started to help.  
  • Robby left with Campbell and the rest of us started on school.  On the way to school, Campbell found a hershey kiss in Robby's car.  She ate it and didn't really like it.  Campbell then said "Maybe it has been in the car for like 20 years."  I believe that we have only one and a half weeks of school left here plus we will probably throw in one more to tie up all of our loose ends. But Campbell has a few more left than that.  
  • My Graham is still crazy distracted these days and Anderson continues to be distracted! I do not enforce it well enough but if my boys would do their phonics and math first then they really would just fly through the rest of school.  Today my Anderson "thought" he was finished with school and started playing his kindle while I was making lunch like Reagan.  Well, he "thought" wrong-he still had 4 more things to do!  
  • We had soup, leftover beans and mac and cheese for lunch and when you added those dishes to our yogurt for breakfast, I completely used up all of my bowls in this house..well, all of my plastic bowls.  I am thinking of changing out my glass dishes for plastic ones-they would get a lot more use!
  • After lunch, Grannymom and Grandpa came to get Graham for his night at their house.  He was beyond excited and could not wait to get out of the house.  Then a bit after that Laura came bringing home Campbell.  While she was here, the others put on their shoes and ran outside.  My Whitman found his shoes and socks and came to me.  He kept looking for something and saying "sock" but he had a pair of socks.  Later when I went in, I noticed that he had dropped another pair of socks on his way to find me-I guess he knew he needed to socks so he found 2 pairs out of his drawer to bring to me.
  • And not to long after that, Nonna swung by to bring us cantaloupe that we had left at her house on Sunday.  She stayed for a bit and then the kids continued watching their movies, I handed out snacks and put Whitman to bed for a late afternoon nap.
  • We had chicken and rice enchilada casserole for supper.  It was pretty good-just not spicy enough.  Then we had time for a few showers and a Price is Right before bedtime.

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