April 6, 2015

Soccer Practice #2
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Robby and I both continued to hit snooze on our clocks.  There is just something about Mondays-well, I guess if you are a faithful blog reader, you know that there is just something about every single day of the week and that we can not wake up at a decent time.  I don't have a clue why we are so tired these days-might possibly have to do with staying up past midnight every night but I highly doubt it!  From the kids bedtime until our bedtime is the only time during the day for me to sit down and be quiet.  Yes, Robby is sitting right beside me on the couch but he isn't too chatty: he doesn't say "Mom? Mom?" over and over again, he doesn't ask "why" now have I ever heard him use the phrase "Mom, I poopoo-ed and I'm done."
  • Enough about us and more about the kids: Campbell headed off to school this morning with Robby.  She ate her leftover doughnut and leftover cinnamon roll in the car.  And her big announcement from school was that the power went off during Ms. Stacy's class.  
  • Grannymom came to pick Campbell up after school and they even managed a trip to Savers to pick up some more jeans for my girl.  Grannymom said that Campbell tried on bunches of jeans.  I didn't know that Campbell had tried on clothes when I saw her walk in the house this afternoon wearing her jeans backwards.  I was a bit afraid that I had sent her to school wearing her pants backwards.  I had even considered writing a note to her teacher saying that we had thought it was backwards day at school!
  • Back to the morning time at home-we started school about 8:30 and that is really 30 minutes late for us to start and get everything accomplished.  But my 11:30, Reagan and Graham were finished and we started on our together work.  Anderson still had more work to do and finished his later in the afternoon before they started watching movies.  
  • During the day, my Whitman felt about the same as he has the last few days.  I didn't want for him to fall apart so I read him a few books before we started school, kept him in my lap most of the morning and sat up his toys and blanket right by where I was working with the others trying to keep him happy.  His nose is still running, he still has his barking cough and even a bit of fever tonight.  All he will really eat is strawberries but at least he is eating something!
  • After lunch, I had about a zillion things for the kids to help around the house with.  No one really did any complaining-maybe because the chores today were a bit different than usual (help pack the soccer bag, write on the chalkboard, fix Campbell's train track, put up the Easter stuff) 
  • Some how during all of this time got away from me so I quickly made their snacks before trying to get on the treadmill for a few minutes.  Graham asked what snack was and I replied that it was apples, strawberries and edemame.  He looked at me and said "snacks are not supposed to be healthy!"
  • Soon Robby and Campbell were home for a few minutes before turning around a going to soccer.  Healthy Whitman was a handful and a half at soccer practice last week so I couldn't imagine how difficult a sickly Whitman would be.  So I just provided transportation to and from practice.  When they left, I fed my crew and got everyone ready and then we jumped into the van and headed to practice.  One there, I dropped them off and picked up Campbell and headed home.  
  • At home with just 3 little people, Campbell and Whitman showered, they all ate a bit, I made banana bread and then made 12 sandwiches to freeze that they can eat over the next few Bible study days.  We were all reading a book when the others came home.  They all took their showers and then it was bedtime for the crew!

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