April 25, 2015

Gone Fishing!
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  • As I said yesterday, we weren't sure about soccer but around 6:30 Robby woke and saw an email saying that indeed the games were cancelled.  The continued rain throughout the night just didn't give the fields time to recover so no soccer for the Dennies.  Robby got out of bed to send a text to some of his soccer parents and he made sure that he moved all of the jerseys out of our room so no one could dress out before we stopped them.  
  • Everyone was pretty bummed about soccer so Robby felt like Shipleys for breakfast might help a bit.  He loaded Keaton, Campbell, Anderson and Graham in the car and they were off.  Whitman was still snoozing and Reagan was, of course, sound asleep.  In the back of my mind, I was a bit worried that Reagan would come down the stairs and find a completely silent and empty house and think that she had been left.  So I made sure that I left a light on in whatever room that I was in.  I told her about that later and she nonchalantly said "My game would have been later in the day so ya'll would have come back for me."
  • The doughnuts did cheer everyone up and after breakfast was put away, all of the boys (except Whitman) were given haircuts.  Actually, I take that back-Whitman did have a little trim.  He saw the boys taking turns sitting on the stool on the patio so when the stool was empty he climbed on it.  Robby turned on the clippers and gave him a tiny trim on one section of his hair and then Whitman quickly climbed off the stool!
  • Of course, haircutting led to showers for most everyone.  Then Robby and I started going through our huge tv cabinet in our bedroom.  This activity lasted a very, very long time but that was fine because it was a pretty big job.  (We still have a few more things to put away though.) 
  • Lunch and then we all headed outside.  The kids played for a while and then we all went on a walk around the neighborhood.  We only had a few minutes when we came home so we played a short game of soccer despite our own muddy field.  Reagan and I let the boys beat us today but we will be on our game next time!
  • Before 5, I left with Reagan, Anderson and Graham to take them to church for the evening.  Then we came back home to pick up Robby and Whitman and drove down the road to the Atwoods for supper.  
  • My little people were in a heaven-swings, a slide, a pond, a waterfall, a flying squirrel search and even some fishing.  Keaton got to reel in a fish so Campbell is determined that she wants to go back.  She did become fairly decent at casting (decent-was able to get it into the water)  Whitman loved watching the water and looking for "fishy"-of course this love of the water drew him to the water over and over and over again.  He would take off running to the water and would stop just at the edge-now, we never knew if he was really going to stop or not so we would have to go running after him.
  • Robby had to leave and get the big kids from church.  By the time they came back, it was dark and they could really only enjoy a cookie and drink which they greatly did.  Once we made it home, we did give the kids some peanut butter pie-doesn't everyone give their kids pie at bedtime?

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