April 18, 2015

Attaching the ball!
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  • This morning seems like so long ago that I am not sure that I can even remember what all happened.  I do know that this was like a mini Saturday off for us since we didn't have to be at the soccer fields until before 10 this morning.  The next few weeks it will be early, early games on Saturday mornings.  
  • Robby ran first thing in the morning and then I did a little bit on the treadmill while the cinnamon rolls were cooking.  By the time they were done, Robby served breakfast to the kids who were already dressed in their soccer uniforms.  We had a few minutes at the house before leaving but the kids were so excited that we just loaded up the car and left a bit early.
  • Once we arrived at the fields, we checked the schedule to double check what field everyone was playing on.  The boys found their field on the schedule but then we couldn't find Campbell's teams name on the 10:00 list but they were on the 8:30 section.  Um, what?  The first thoughts were that we had missed the very first game of the season.  Robby is the coach of Campbell's team and had typed up a copy of the schedule and sent it to the parents so I was beginning to think that he had just mis-typed something.  Oh my goodness, we were panicked for a bit until Robby checked and the sign was wrong!  Can you imagine thinking that you missed the first soccer game of the season?
  • Campbell's team was the first to run through the tunnel and Anderson and Graham's team was the last to run through that tunnel.  We were all there and pretty evenly divided up between the fields.  I bounced back and forth between fields trying to see as much of my kiddos playing as possible.  Whitman did really well and spent his entire time in the stroller during that game.
  • Campbell did really well-at home when we play, she will kick the ball about twice and then will chase a butterfly.  But not today, that girl ran and ran after the ball and kicked the ball quite a few times.  She really seemed to enjoy playing soccer today.  I am not really sure if her team won or not-there was some talk of it being a tie.  
  • Anderson and Graham did well too but they attacked the ball less than the do at home.  They pretty much took more of a stand offish approach but would get in the fray only when needed.  I kind of think that there game was a tie too but whatever the score was, Anderson would say that they won.  Both boys had a great time and were very pleased with their game and earning their stars (hmm, wander what I did with those stars?)
  • After that game, the boys went home with Nonna for a quick lunch.  Robby had thought about picking up a pizza for us but we just decided to run to McDonalds for a bit.  This way Whitman was able to run and play for a good while.  We ate outside there and it would sprinkle occasionally.  My Reagan was so worried that she wasn't going to get to play her first game of the season but she did.
  • The sky may have looked dark but thankfully her game went on as planned.  It did sprinkle pretty hard for just a minute but that was all.  Now let's discuss my Reagan-I don't think that I would really want to play that child in a game.  She didn't score (none of my Dennies did) but she was near the ball the entire time.  I think her favorite part of the game was when her coach said that Reagan was the "on field coach."  That made her day and she definitely fulfilled her mission of being the "on field coach."
  • On the way home from the ball game, we asked Alyssa Kate and Kaleigh to come spend the night and we made plans with the Wilsons to have burgers over here.  So after everyone's showers, Whitman slept, Robby, the boys and the little girls went to pick up a few things we needed for the evening and Reagan stayed home with me.  My Reagan made the brownies and lemonade for the evening and helped me clean some. 
  • Then everyone started arriving-first Alyssa Kate.  Then the Wilsons came and this made my boys wonderfully happy since Brett hung out with them.  And then Kaleigh came so now Reagan we had 4 big girls here-Layne, Reagan, Kaleigh and Alyssa Kate.  Then we convinced the Stattons to stay for supper and this thrilled Campbell because Emory, Alexis and Avery all were there for her.  This was a big night with 13 kiddos around!  
  • The Wilsons brought hamburgers and dip and we had hot dogs and beans.  Then for dessert, we had a brownies and ice cream sundaes!  It was a delicious mess!  Surprisingly after everyone left, the house wasn't too trashed-just the kitchen but that never takes too long to clean (especially when you use paper plates!)  
  • Keaton fell asleep when all of the kids were watching a movie upstairs so Robby moved her to our bedroom and soon after, Campbell laid down in there and was quickly asleep.  We showered the boys and put them to sleep in their bedroom.  Graham really wanted to sleep on the floor so we let them.  
  • Then I started having the big girls take showers-the had played outside some, played in the rain some, Alyssa Kate said her momma told her to take a shower (Campbell did tell her that her momma wouldn't know if she didn't) and since tomorrow is church I thought it wouldn't hurt.  It seemed to take forever to cycle those girls through the shower-maybe since it was nearing 11.
  • Finally, I got the girls to lay down and they asked to stay up late but they didn't really believe me that it was already late.  I asked if they needed a hug or a kiss and they declined and then I told them they could whisper only and it was bedtime.  I haven't heard them nor do I hope that I do!  

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