April 14, 2015

Celebrating Mr. Todd!
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  • Robby and I were the first ones awake this morning and that rarely happens.  I think my crew is a bit tired.  After everyone was up and I was about to get breakfast ready, I went in Whitman's room to get him up.  Keaton and I went in and I even turned off his fan but he never moved and only let out a quiet sigh.  I couldn't wake that baby up, she I started motioning for Keaton to leave, I turned the fan back on and we tip toed out of the room thus giving Whitman about 20 more minutes of sleep this morning.
  • We had toast for breakfast and the kids managed to eat 12 slices of toast.  Reagan even asked for more but forgot about it so I started eating it.  So then when she walked back in and saw me with toast in my hand, she asked where hers was-I tried to hand her the piece I had but she passed and went back to her school work.
  • School went well for everyone but Graham today.  That child was set off because he had something similar in his box to the same thing he did yesterday.  I tried to nicely remind me that whatever was in his box, even if it was the exact same as the day before, was his school work and he was to do it, do it well and do it happily.  He cried and sobbed, he flopped and flailed on the ground, he screamed and yelled and I paid no attention to it-not a big and was a calm as I could be.  Reagan did keep giving Anderson the look that said "be nice to Mom, she is about to lose it."  But I never did!  
  • At 11, we all did our together work and then I ran upstairs for a bit to go through Keaton's clothes.  Keaton was in heaven and could not wait to get her dress off so she could start trying on clothes.  We did this until lunch time and then went back upstairs after lunch to work some more.  
  • The big kids did their chores and soon Nonna and Pops brought Campbell back home.  She had a good day with Nonna (Pops had been at work.) but she was ready to come home.  Nonna and Pops stayed for a while and then left.  I climbed on the treadmill when the left but should have known better-the kids had been incredibly needy all day long.  As in, no one was able to do anything by themselves-from "Mom, can you get my pencil?" to "wipe my bottom."  Whitman was the most independent of everyone today and that continued during my treadmill time-he was the only one who I didn't have to deal with during that 30 minutes of the day (I was going to do 45 minutes but after getting off 5 times to go downstairs to correct someone, I just gave up.)
  • Oh and back to Graham, he eventually did calm down until the others started watching movies.  That is when he realized that I was serious about no movies or no kindle for him and then he fell apart again.  I guess we all have bad days but he is lucky that I had doled out his punishment (no tv, no kindle) so his daddy didn't have to.  It was made to clear to Graham that Robby would quickly come home and take care of the problem if that behavior ever happened again.  
  • So it was a long afternoon for Graham but a short one for the rest of us.  Robby brought home catfish and we ate.  Then the little 3 again had their 1 hour shower while the others just hung out.  Robby and I were planning the rest of the evening-watch a movie and go to bed-when Amber text to sat that Todd had passed his test.  Of course that deserved ice cream so we loaded up and headed out to eat ice cream!
  • The kids thought this was the best thing ever-leaving the house almost at bedtime to go and get ice cream.  When we finally made it home, it was back into pajamas and then into bed!

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