April 7, 2015

Sometimes a boy just needs his bear!
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  • My main priority this morning was calling the doctor's office at 8 so I could get Whitman a doctor's appointment.  We were actually in the middle of breakfast when the clock struck 8 and I ran out of the kitchen to quickly snatch up an appointment.
  • Campbell and Robby left for school and work this morning and the rest of us started on school.  Anderson started working on Robby's office and that helped him tremendously today.  I did have less work to do with the kids but they still quickly finished their work.  We were working together by 10:30 and then they even had a few minutes to finish up and put on their clothes before we left the house at 11:40.  Now I guess that my Graham was a bit more distracted today than usual because he did still have phonics to finish when we came home tonight but he quickly sat down at the table and started working on it.
  • Nonna picked up Campbell from school and we joined them at Nonna's house for lunch.  The kids really wanted to play but it was time for us to head to the other side of town.  I then dropped off everyone but Whitman off at Grannymom's house-he wasn't happy about this plan at all.  The others were happy though-they spent most of their time outside playing a few rounds of kickball.
  • While we were in the waiting room, he was the cutest thing ever.  I laughed out loud wondering why in the world I was at the doctor's office with him.  He played, he ran, he smiled, he talked-he acted perfectly healthy.  I pointed to the picture on the wall of Graham and asked him who it was.  He said "Grahammy" and then I asked who the picture of little Campbell was.  He quickly answered back "KeaKea."  Since Campbell was only about 2 at the time, I thought that was an acceptable answer.  Then I pointed to the picture of the kid in the middle that we do not know and asked who is that?  He said "AA?"  
  • Despite his perkiness in the waiting room, Martin did see that Whitman had an ear infection in one ear.  Truly, it has probably improved since he has been sickly for a good while now.  After I left there, we picked up his medicine from Sams and as soon as I unloaded him at Grannymom's house I gave him his first dose.  
  • I then left Keaton and Whitman over there and took my other ones skating.  It took them a good while to remember how to skate again but once they got it, everyone seemed to improve. Much of this improving happened when Grannymom dropped off Lilli and Cash.  They can skate well and my kids did everything that they could to keep up with them.
  • At 4:30, I took Lilli and Cash home and then picked up Whitman and Keaton.  The little 2 were still outside-Whitman's mother had forgotten to put his shoes on him when we left.  I had snatched him out of bed and put him right in the car seat.  Then I went back in the house to get his shoes but only turned off lights and didn't remember the shoes.  Oh, well that has happened before-once Reagan went to the doctor without shoes too but she was 7 at the time.
  • We pulled into the garage just as Robby did.  Then it was shower time for all of my people. Then we had supper and then worked a bit on the laundry and the toy room.  Then it was time to watch our alligator movie before heading to bed.  I think that Campbell was the most tired-a full day of school, a bit of playtime at Nonna's house, kickball at Grannymom's house and then skating!  Just thinking about all of that makes me tired!

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