April 17, 2015

Tailgating in the church parking lot!
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  • At 6:50 this morning, Reagan started telling Graham to get back into bed.  We heard him say that he was going to the bathroom and she hollered back to him that he didn't need to take his clothes with him.  It was near 7 and the boy was doing the right thing by putting his clothes on (without even being asked). Sometimes he just has too many mommas.
  • Robby told everyone to get ready and I was getting my ready myself, Reagan came down and told me "I am a little bit excited about today but I am little bit terrified."  Today was her first experience with a standardized test. Once everyone was ready, Robby took everyone but Reagan to Nonna's house for the day and I headed with Reagan to take her test.
  • When we left the house, the neighbor down the street was pulling out of her driveway too. They are homeschoolers too and I figured they were going the same direction as us.  But she didn't turn when I turned and I started worrying if I was going the right way.  I looked on my phone and saw the name of the church that I was supposed to be going and then I started wandering if I was going to the right church.  I pulled over to turn on the GPS but it couldn't find the street so I called Candice but she didn't answer.  I was not panicked since I had plenty of time.  I finally realized that I needed to look on my phone and I quickly determined that where I was headed was in fact that right place.  Silly me-and the neighbor? She had to run to the grocery store first.
  • Reagan only had to take 3 subtest-2 reading comprehensions and 1 math subtest.  Alyssa Kate was there and she found another friend from Bible study.  They came down and saw us during their breaks and each time she said that the test was easy and she thought she had done a good job.  I guess we will see when the grades come in the mail.  We figured that a test deserved a lunch at Larry's Pizza so after the test, we celebrated there.
  • Afterwards, we went to Nonna's house to pick up the crew.  They were on their third walk of the day.  Everyone had a good day which started off with bacon for breakfast, kindle time and lots of playtime.  I think the kids were tired because Keaton was ready to go home and Whitman didn't put up too much of a fuss.  
  • Once at home, we unloaded while Campbell packed for Grannymom's house.  She was so excited and worked and worked on perfectly packing her bag.  And then I let her leave the house without taking her shin guards.  It was no big deal because we can easily bring them tomorrow but I sure didn't want for her to be upset about leaving them at home.
  • The kids watched a few movies this afternoon and before too long it was time to load up for a fellowship at church tonight.  Our class had a tailgate fellowship so we just hung out on the church parking lot.  The kids were able to play on the playground some and the boys had a game of kickball and baseball.  The weather was perfect and the kids had a great time and were pretty tired when we finally arrived back home.

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