April 27, 2015

Washing rocks?!?
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  • We overslept just a bit this Monday morning and poor Campbell had to practically go from her bed straight to Robby's car.  She handled this pretty well but it did help quite a bit that I was able to get Whitman up in time to run out in time to say goodbye to her.
  • The rest of us had our breakfast and even read a few books during that time-like we weren't already behind enough!  We pretty much then stayed behind for the rest of the morning and this has all resulted in a new rule for Graham: Do his math and phonics first every single day for the rest of the school year.  The rule continues with "if you forget, if you do not or even if you ask to change the order then you will lose your kindle and tv privileges for the day.  
  • I was able to work on our 5 loads of clothes during school and that did help the afternoon a bit.  My Keaton and Whitman played hard today but around lunch, I noticed that I had wiped his little nose a zillion times.  I am probably more aware of that since I have his cold now too and feel pretty rough today.  
  • I asked him if his ear hurt, pointing to his left ear.  He said "no" and then pointed to his right ear and said "this one."  I know he is 2 but his answers have been consistent all day about his right ear hurting.  If he was making it up or didn't know what I was talking about then his ear that hurt would have to change, I think.  And he uses the word "hurt" so he knows that that means.  I actually tried to make him an appointment this afternoon but by then it was too late so I will try again tomorrow.
  • Lunch time and more reading here.  Then Reagan said that she would do all of the chores so the boys could continue working on their school work in hopes that they would finish in time to watch movies with them.  I let her do this for a while but then the boys starting fooling around again and not working on their work so they were quickly removed from school work and given chores.  Reagan was thankful that the boys finally did finish their school work but she was a bit put out with me when I explained our summer school plans (reading, writing and math of the computer-that was the part that she didn't like!)
  • The afternoon went by fairly quickly especially with me and Keaton napping.  We were cold and I tried to wrap her up in my coat and she said "zip me up, Momma."  I told her that there was no way that I could zip her up in my coat.  Soon though we were warm and snuggly and both asleep for awhile.
  • Robby and Campbell came in with supper.  Campbell spent the afternoon with Grannymom and had fun at Rock Creek and even took a walk.  Robby took everyone to soccer practice and I think they were all rather well behaved.  Whitman cried for about 10 minutes when the left since he wanted to go to and Keaton cried because Whitman was banging on the window with a rock and I had to put it up.  So a bit of our evening was full of people sobbing!
  • I did calm then all down with picking up some rocks outside and then coming into the kitchen to wash them off.  Of course showers had to follow that and then we all laid on the bed watching a few movies before the others came home.
  • When they arrived, they all had showers and a bit of snack before bed.  Hopefully everyone will sleep well tonight and then wake up bright and early ready to do school work and go to school with a smile on their faces-one can dream, can't they?

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