April 16, 2015

Getting soaking wet and having a blast!
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  • Reagan was the first one in our room this morning and she was ready to wake Whitman up.  I had her give me just a few minutes to get myself readied for the morning before letting her get him.  Once he was up, then our day was started.  I initially asked him if he wanted to go bye-bye with Daddy so when I sat him down for breakfast he wasn't too happy with me.  Poor thing just didn't understand what I meant but once he saw Keaton and Campbell eating too, he calmed down and was able to eat.
  • The three little ones went with Robby to take Campbell to school and then they ran by Grannymom's house for a bit.  Back at the house, it was school time and my crew did pretty well.  Reagan started on division with remainders so that was interesting and a bit difficult for her.  Finally I just said "work on this for 10 more minutes and then you can quit"-thankfully in 10 more minutes she had already finished it all.  
  • We finished all of school except for our together work but the reading can always be done another time.  I went to pick Campbell up today and she wasn't too happy to see me at all.  When I happily greeted her (oh, anytime Campbell joins us from somewhere else like Bible study, school, or even grandparents she is grumpy) she immediately said "I thought Daddy was picking me up."
  • I still was in my happy mode trying to cheer her up when she shouted "who changed the movie?"  The movie had in fact been changed and I knew that because each and every time I get into Robby's car, it is like the movie Groundhog Day.  The exact same movie is playing (Meet the Robinsons) and it is usually playing at the exact same spot.  Campbell glared at Graham and shouted "Did you take out Lewis?"  I tried to calm the situation down with some more cheeriness and divert her attention to my questions about her school day.
  • Once at home, I heated up mac and cheese and grilled cheese for lunch.  The kids must have liked the grilled cheese because they just devoured one after another until I put a halt to make any more sandwiches.  I divided the chores and everyone started to work.  Campbell, who was then over her grumpiness, worked and worked in the toy room.  She eventually called me up there so I could see the difference that she had made.  I looked around, seeing a little bit of difference and praised her hard work.  Then she said "I think you should pay me a dollar."
  • Soon the kids noticed that Robby was outside so out we all went.  I mowed for a little bit (yes, Dad, I mowed) and picked up a few sticks.  But I wasn't able to rake, even the dry leaves, because our pile of leaves at the bottom of the hill have made a huge lake and pit of mud near our leaf dumping grounds.  
  • At Whitman's nap time, I took him in and then I worked on changing out Keaton's clothes.  I had just finished putting up her extra clothes when Graham came in to tell me that it was soccer time.  The teams today were Robby, Graham and Campbell against Reagan, Anderson and myself.  The score was 5-3 my team but it was a pretty spirited game with a lot of trash talking by Reagan!
  • Before everyone went inside the plan was for them to play with the water guns but most of the playtime was with the water hose.  Good thing we don't have a lot of neighbors, there was more screaming and yelling than I have heard in a long time-they kids had a blast getting soaked.  Poor Graham's shorts were already big but when you became full of water, he just couldn't keep them up.
  • After everyone had their showers, I snuck off for class meeting.  Robby cooked up a feast of waffles and strawberries for supper.  After supper, Anderson picked up the whip cream and Robby said "don't squirt that in your mouth" so guess what the boy did when Robby turned his back?  Yep!  Robby asked who he had ever see do that and Anderson answered back "Mom!"  I don't even like whip cream but I am sure that is something that I have probably done!
  • After supper, the kids had some tv and kindle time before bedtime.  Since most of the day was spent outside, the kids were pretty exhausted when it was finally time to lay down and go to sleep.  Tomorrow is a big day-Reagan is taking her first standardized test in the morning.  I think she is kind of nervous.

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