April 24, 2015

An Andy Warhol Prodigy!
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  • Friday morning and the kids were in no hurry to get up at first this morning.  I thought we were going to have a slow morning and would end up starting school a bit later than usual.  But I was wrong, as I was changing Whitman's diaper after getting him up, in walked Campbell with her reading book ready to get started.
  • I have fallen woefully behind in working on Campbell's reading book with her.  She seems to be gone so much these days and when she is home, she certainly doesn't want to do her reading book.  Though I know I should do my best to finish it before she officially starts kindergarten because that is just one more thing we will have to do during school and our time is limited as is!
  • The others all did some work while I worked with Campbell and my Graham did pull out all of the breakfast items-pancakes, waffles, milk, cups and plates.  That boy can be pretty handy!  We had our breakfast and then started back on school. 
  • Before too long it was lunch time and we all ate and then did a bit of house work.  Then we made a mess-paint and lots of it!  Today we talked briefly about Andy Warhol and did some Campbell's soup can paintings.  Not everyone is finished but Campbell did finish and of course my Campbell was tickled about painting Campbell's soup cans.
  • After we had cleaned up the painting mess, the kids watched their 2 redbox movies from yesterday.  Then it was time to load up to drop Reagan off at Cate's house for a few hours.  The rest of us drove around a bit trying to find some place to eat-we settled on Dickies and it was very good.  The kids decided they loved the place as soon as they saw the ice cream machine!
  • We then did some speed shopping at Walmart before heading home to make crumb cake cookies, peanut butter pie and put the kiddos to bed.  Robby had to leave me in the kitchen to run and pick up Reagan.  She had a big time and painted a picture frame and tshirt.  She also came home telling me that I needed to put the game Twister on someone's Christmas list.
  • After Reagan was home and snug in bed, we finished cleaning the kitchen and then went to bed wondering if we are going to play soccer or not tomorrow.  The day should be beautiful but the rain may have soaked the fields!  Here's to hoping that we get to play tomorrow!

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