April 26, 2015

Solo Performance!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • There were enough leftover doughnuts this morning to make everyone happy and soon all the kids were sitting on the couch, fully dressed and playing their kindles waiting on us to finish getting ready.
  • When we told Whitman that we were going to church, he said "no" and then asked "Nonna? Grannymom?"  Even he has learned our Sunday morning routine of seeing everyone before taking him to class.  
  • After church we went to Grannymom's house for lunch and the kids were delighted that Lilli and Cash showed up after their weekend at Branson.  We weren't able to stay too long because choir practice was at 4 tonight-much earlier than usual.  
  • As soon as we came home this afternoon, everyone changed and the big 4 had a few minutes to watch a show and Keaton and Whitman napped.  Keaton happily napped because she knew she would get to go to big church after her nap.
  • I took the big kids to rehearsal and I sat and watched them and walked around taking pictures.  Then I sat back down in my seat to watch some more.  Campbell's choir sang first and then sat in the floor watching the big kids-she saw me behind her and came up to me.  She then asked "Where is Daddy and everyone else? Did he forget?"  My poor baby thought that no one else showed up to watch her-she had no idea that it was only rehearsal! 
  • At home, Keaton slept until the minute we left.  Then she went upstairs with Robby for a bit.  While he was in the shower, Keaton did her on hair and was very proud of doing it all by herself! 
  • Soon everyone showed up and we filled 2 rows-Campbell did good with her choir singing the first and the last song.  (We really couldn't see her thought but I am sure she did great!)  My boys stood on the back row and sang their little hearts out.  Of course, Reagan is the perfect choir member and she had her first solo.  It was great-she did so well and didn't seem the least bit nervous.
  • After a successful program, they deserved a reward so the kids got a few minutes to play on the playground and then ice cream when we finally made it home.  After putting the kids to bed, Robby and I avoided the 5 loads of laundry (3 to wash and 2 already dry) that we had to do!  

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