April 8, 2015

Picnic Lunch with Friends!
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  • Even Reagan was up early this morning and when Anderson climbed into our bed, he whispered that he didn't have to put on his clothes because they were already on.  I felt all around on him and surely he was not wearing his pjs anymore and was ready for the day.
  • It wasn't too long before we were all ready for the day.  The kids helped with the trash and potties while I dressed Whitman.  Then we all sat down for our breakfast and Bible reading.  We are reading along with the church-a chapter of the New Testament a day-and I am pretty proud of ourselves that we have stayed caught up (at least I think we are caught up!)  The kids do sit quietly and listen-often asking questions that I have not a clue as to how to answer them.
  • Before too long, it was time to load up and head to Bible study.  Every time that I pick up Campbell from her class, they are playing in the inside playroom with their shoes and socks off.  She is the second one for me to pick up and then she ignores me and then takes forever to put on her shoes and socks.  This is all happening while the other moms come streaming down the tiny hall making a blockade where we are no longer able to get through quickly to pick up the other 4.  I try to smile (since I am in front of her teachers) but inside I am getting more and more upset at that child.  Doesn't she know we are on a schedule?  Ha!  She could care less!
  • We do finally make it to Keaton's class and she is usually the last one there and Whitman is as well.  But then when I usually pick up Reagan and Anderson, their class is still full and they too are in no hurry at all to come.  Today Reagan did ride to the park with Jodee, Graham and Campbell rode with Sara and my leftovers and Noah rode with us.  It is a wonder that everyone made it to the park and no one was left behind.
  • At the park, we all sat and had lunch and things were going splendidly.  During lunch, I did notice Anderson's excema on his arms flaring up.  Within minutes, it had spread and was on the back of his neck and starting to show up on his face.  He went from having fun to being miserable.  The entire place was covered with pollen and Anderson's little body was not at all happy about that.  
  • We left when everyone else did but we didn't head to see Beebee as usual-we hurried home.  I put Anderson in the shower and handed him some benedryl to chug while showering.  Once he got out, I rubbed a steroid cream all over him and by that time he was already feeling better.  I should be giving him zyrtec every day right now since the pollen is so bad and we should faithfully be using his inhaler as well.  We were lucky that his reaction was just on his skin and not an asthma attack.
  • Coming home early provided us with so much more time in our day.  We did science, read our current read aloud books-Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims and Cheaper By the Dozen. Then I folded laundry and finally had the boys go through 2 bins of clothes to see what they could wear this summer.  I need to buy some shorts for Anderson but other than that, it looks like they are set for summer.  We just pulled out their clothes from the bins which means that I still have to go through their drawers and closets but Reagan is already chomping at the bit for me to pull out the girls clothes.  Hopefully, I can hold her off to next week on that chore.
  • Robby came home with pizza which everyone seemed to really devour.  Then we headed to the library for me to run in and pick up my holds and then to church.  My sweet Anderson was able to go shopping with his bucks that he earned from saying verses tonight and he bought something for everyone in his family-a curly straw and lollipop for Reagan and one each for Campbell, a tiny wallet and a lollipop for Keaton, a car and lollipop for Graham and he said that when Graham outgrew the car, he could let Whitman have it.  Wasn't that the sweetest thing ever?
  • At home, we did showers for all tonight and then they had a little snack cake before heading to bed!

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