April 19, 2015

Celebrating Jacob's Birthday!
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  • Sunday morning and one of my first thoughts was "thank you God that we all slept well" but then I thought that I didn't really know how everyone else slept so I changed it to "thank you God that everyone in my room slept well."  I do believe that the boys slept well as did the 3 girls in the bonus room.  I am not sure what time those girls finally went to sleep (they said it was around 1) but since there isn't a clock up there and I didn't see anyone with a watch, I bed they were sound asleep by then.  
  • Robby pulled out breakfast-powdered donuts and chocolate milk which seemed to make everyone happy.  Then it was time for all to get dressed.  The second time that I went upstairs to check on the girls, they were all sitting in a line combing each other's hair.  Keaton was in the front of the line, followed by Campbell and then Reagan, Kaleigh and Alyssa Kate.  
  • We drooped Robby's car off at Nonna's house and then headed to church.  My people all stayed awake during church this morning (Can't say that about tonight's service-Graham's head plopped backwards and hit the pew with a loud thunk.  He just opened his eyes and laid his head back down.)
  • After church, we had lunch at Nonna's house.  She had spaghetti and the little girls had on the cutest little dresses-the dresses partly survived without too much sauce on them.  But those weren't the only clothes that became dirty at Nonna's house.  When we went to leave, my van was parked under the tree and everyone noticed that a flock of sick birds had landed on the tree above the van.  Before Robby could get the kids loaded up, his shirt had become a victim of the birds so he just took it off right there so Nonna could work on laundry magic on it.
  • Robby headed home with everyone but Anderson.  Whitman had his nap, Reagan and Graham watched tv and Campbell and Keaton flittered around the house doing a bit of everything.  They had a fairly short afternoon because before choir they even had leftovers for supper.  Robby brought a hot dog for Anderson to eat quickly before choir.
  • Anderson had Jacob's birthday party today at D1 so that is where we headed.  Anderson knew Jacob and one other boy so that was good.  They played soccer, football, tug of war and then handball (baseball without a bat).  When we left, Anderson was soaking wet with sweat so I decided that not only did he need new clothes that I had brought but he also needed a shower.  We quickly ran by Nonna's house for him to shower and we were there for about 10 minutes before leaving again for his choir.
  • While the kids were in choir, we ran to get the van washed-we always like to have a clean car before a hailstorm.  During church, I was prepared to quickly dive under the pew but there was no need for that.  Whitman's usual class has windows so his class was moved to a big boy windowless class which he loved playing in.  
  • Once we made it home, we finished off the ice cream sundae making and then everyone headed to bed.  Robby read the Bible story book and then it was time to catch up on some sleep-hopefully!

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