April 13, 2015

Pizza Chef!
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  • When I left my bedroom this morning, Campbell was already getting dressed, the boys were in the dark school room already starting on their homework and Reagan was upstairs sorting new clothes from Lilli.  I was quite surprised at this turn of events as I am not used to the kids having that much initiative in the morning.  
  • Campbell left for school with Robby and the rest of us started on our school work.  Keaton and Whitman had spent the night at Grannymom's house and were probably still sleeping in when the rest of us had finished our breakfast and began school.
  • The school day went very well, though my Graham was a bit distracted and that left him as the last one to finish his school (which made him very, very unhappy!)  This morning I had time to help Reagan work on switching out her clothes and after lunch we finished with Campbell's clothes.  I am 2/3rds of the way accomplished with the big clothes switch over!
  • As I was happily reading to the kids, Reagan interrupted me and asked "when you are old and have to go to a nursing home, can I have the house?"  Um, sure.  I text Robby and asked for her so we could just settle the whole matter now.  He replied that she could have it only if she lets us stay here and takes care of us.  I am glad that our end of life plan is now coming together nicely.
  • This afternoon the kids and played a game and even though it was an easy little game-no one was very happy about the outcome.  Reagan and I won but she was mad at me because she thought I wasn't acting like I was on her team since I was insisting that everyone follow the rules (crazy me!) and the boys were upset that they lost.  I love quality family time!  
  • When I realized what time it was this afternoon, I started hurrying to get thing accomplished around the house and serving my treadmill time.  As soon as I had finished my afternoon list, Robby and my 3 babies came home.  I think they were happy to see me but I am pretty sure that they were much happier to see their brothers and sisters because Campbell, Keaton and Whitman grabbed their milk cups and settled into the bedroom with their brothers and sister.
  • We made our own pizzas for supper tonight.  This takes a bit of time and a bit of patience.  The pizza was very yummy-especially the cinnamon streusel pizza was the hit.  Whitman even ate all of his piece of the cinnamon pizza and not a big of his pepperoni pizza.  
  • Not a lot happened here this evening.  The big kids played on their kindles-all lined up on the couch.  Keaton, Campbell and Whitman spent their entire evening (yes, the entire evening-at least an hour) taking a shower.  They were happy in that shower so we let them stay as long as they wanted to.  I don't care what the water bill costs this month-it was worth the few minutes of quiet happy sounds of children playing!  Shortly thereafter it was bedtime for everyone and Keaton was practically asleep when as we were tucking everyone in.
  • The kids are always telling us uplifting things; like tonight when Anderson gave Robby a good night hug and then said "man, you are hairy like a wildebeest."

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