April 2, 2015-Happy Birthday Whitman!

Celebrating Whitman's 2nd Birthday!
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  • Since it was a special little 2 year olds birthday this morning, we celebrated with something special-doughnuts early in the morning.  Robby and I were out of bed around 6 and this should be a sign for Whitman that we really, really love him.  I had to wake up the poor kiddos who were a bit confused about why I was waking them up before the sun rose and especially before that clock turned to 7.
  • When we woke Whitman up, all he wanted to do was cuddle but he happily put on his Thomas the train shirt and vest.  I told him we were going to get doughnuts so he tried to walk into the kitchen to eat instead of heading to the car.
  • I think that he knew that the day was going to be all about him-he had just the slightest of grins during the candle blowing out and singing at Krispy Kreme.  My Keaton did not have a grin of any type during the candle blowing out though-she had just fallen out of her chair onto her head and was still upset.  When she hit, it took me a minute to get to her but I had to rush her out of the building so as not to alarm everyone inside.  Once her crying calmed down, we were able to come back in and get the candle blowing out underway.
  • The kids devoured a dozen and a half doughnuts before we headed to Campbell's school.  We left the doughnut place a bit early but we were finished and since we couldn't just sit there, Robby decided that he would run into Walmart before we dropped off Campbell.  She was fine sitting in the parking lot of a bit waiting on Robby but then she became pretty anxious because she was ready to get to her classroom because today was party day.
  • There was no party going on at home because it was school day here.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham got busy on their work but I was only home long enough to work with Anderson and Graham before I had to leave for Campbell's class party.  They played a game and then hunted Easter eggs that we hid on the playground.  When the wind would blow all of the eggs would roll from their hiding spots and roll down the little hill.  It was quite a sight-just like watching all of the kids hunt their eggs.  
  • Meanwhile, back at home the kids did some of their school work-Anderson was still working hard when I came home.  He is extremely slow if I am not around to prod him on.  And then when looking at Graham's work, his handwriting was worse than usual-I think he might have hurried through his work to get to play his kindle.  Reagan, of course, finished her work early since she hadn't had to work with me yet (we never did get around to that today, oh well, there is always tomorrow.)
  • Keaton and Whitman spent the morning playing with Whitman's new toys.  She also worked on trying to teach him how to drink out of his new tervis cup-I think he is going to need a few more lessons first though (my carpet is still wet and I am thankful that I just gave him water.)
  • We had our lunch and then Nonna and Pops came over with a doughnut cake for Whitman. He liked that cake as well and he might possibly getting used to all of the attention.  After the cake, Nonna took the girls to go and look for Easter shoes.  I think that they only had to go to 2 stores to find what they needed so they rewarded themselves with Sonic drinks and a bit of play time on the Sonic playground.
  • While they were gone, Whitman had a nap and the boys played the wii and watched movies. But when they arrived back, we soon loaded up to go and get gas for both cars.  Usually we can explain things to the kids and they eventually understand it-but taking 2 cars to go and get gas is one of the things they just can not understand (why can't I stay home? why are we taking both cars? can't we just get gas down the street? and on and on the questions go.) But when you get gas for $1.25 a gallon - you take both cars!
  • After we pumped Robby's car full of gas, I got in it and drove off-to Target I went for a few minutes and then to bunko (actually a 31 party this time but calling it Bunko was easier).  The others went to Arbys and Taco Bell to pick up supper-it was a birthday celebration after all!  
  • Once the kids ate, everyone had showers and then there was some kindle time for the kids. Robby, Keaton and Campbell worked on putting Whitman's new grill together so that will be his entertainment tomorrow-I hope!

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