April 11, 2015

Beautiful Girl. Beautiful Day.
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  • With the two little people gone this morning, Anderson, Graham and Campbell woke up right at 7 and then went to the living room to play their kindles.  We didn't hear anything from them until a bit after 8 when Campbell came in asking for breakfast.
  • I looked at the clock and didn't last much longer in bed because the girls and I needed to leave a bit before 9, so I needed to get myself ready.  Even though I had to wake Reagan up, she was still excited about getting out of bed and getting ready because she was going to get to wear some of her new (to her) summer clothes.  And my Campbell looked absolutely adorable in her little dress and blue jean jacket.  She was sitting on the edge of my bed and when I looked at her, I could tell that she isn't a little girl anymore-she is a big kid now.  That makes me sad!
  • When the girls and I left, we spent pretty much the entire drive to church explaining what a wedding shower was to Campbell.  Surely she has been to a wedding shower before with me but I guess not.  She kept asking things like "so we are going to eat breakfast there?" and "who is taking a shower?" and my favorite was "we are going to CHURCH?"  I could tell in her voice that she was wishing that she had stayed home with the boys because she was not looking forward to sitting through a sermon.  
  • Thankfully, she didn't have to listen to a sermon and Campbell was happy with the food selection.  Campbell took in everything that happened at that little shower and was the cutest thing ever.  She followed exactly what Reagan did and Reagan made sure that her sister knew exactly what to do.  
  • The boys didn't know what to do without us there so they loaded up, picked up Keaton and Whitman (who had spent the night at Nonna and Pops' house) and had their breakfast at McDonalds.  Robby left feeling a bit concerned about how we are going to feed 3 teenage boys in the upcoming years.  He said that even though Whitman had already eaten, he joined his brothers in devouring a big platter of McDonald's breakfast.
  • Back at home, we all started working on cleaning out the van.  The kids really helped for a good while.  They (especially Graham) really want to help sometimes but often they don't know what to do.  But once we would give them a job, they went right to work (usually).  Grannymom came over to rake a few leaves with us.  Of the entire 4 acres (that includes that 2 that are not ours) almost 3 of those are cleared now of leaves.  We still have another day or 2 at the bottom  and then another 2 days at the top.  Want to come and help?  We will feed you a popsicle?
  • We closed our yard work with a game of soccer-the teams were Grannymom, Anderson, Graham and I against Robby and Reagan (oh, Campbell was on their team too but she ended up looking at a frog with neighbor kid-I again do not have high hopes for her and her soccer career!)  
  • We went in for showers a just a few minutes of down time before leaving for the McGuires house.  We were a bit early but soon the Pennington family arrived.  Todd grilled hamburgers while the kids played kickball, jumped on the trampoline or played baggo.  The kids had such a great time playing outside that when we came home we again needed showers!  I debated giving them showers at Amber's house but decided against it-next time I will though!
  • We can get showers accomplished fairly quickly when we are in a hurry.  Not only were showers given but medicine was passed out-zyrtec for Keaton and Anderson (who wouldn't jump on the trampoline tonight because he saw pollen on it), antibiotic for Whitman and then excema cream on all of those three! Then it was a sip of drink, teeth brushing and bedtime for my crew!

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