April 15, 2015

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  • Yesterday, Robby and I both had alarm clocks going off at the same time and therefore, we woke up at a decent time.  But today, neither one of us had set those alarms so when the kids came to see us, we were pretty surprised about what time it was.  That was fine though because the kids clothes were laid out and soon everyone was dressed and ready for the day.
  • Robby served breakfast while I got myself ready and then the kids started on their chores.  Everyone was pleased because when we left the house was clean-ish and they even had some time to play their kindles. 
  • My Campbell and Keaton learned something new during Bible study today.  They learned this song "What do we do on Wednesday mornings? Wednesday mornings? What do we do on Wednesday mornings? CBS! Yes!"  I guess they are trying to encourage the moms to sign back up for next year by teaching the kiddos that song!
  • After Bible study, we headed with all of our buddies to Rock Creek.  I know that all of the other moms just roll their eyes when they see our crew of 14 kids walking in the door.  I used to be one of those moms that would see some people come in with lots of kids and want to leave!  
  • The kids ate their lunches quickly and then spent as much time playing as they could.  Then it was back to the car-when we headed to see Beebee.  Campbell asked if we could come back and visit Grannymom after seeing Beebee.  I tried to explain that they lived about 30 minutes away from each other and that was out of the question today because we needed to get ourselves home!
  • Beebee was in a good mood but was very worried that she didn't have enough candy nor money to pass out to the kids today.  I assured her that little candy and no money for my kids was just fine-Whitman didn't agree.  Once the candy bucket was empty, he went to her drawers to look for more and then he started standing on her candy bucket in protest that it was empty!  He throws the biggest little fits when we are there but then he just hugs and kisses on Beebee when it is time to leave.
  • Back at home, we had time to read just a bit, watch 2 movies and then eat supper before getting dressed back for church.  Tonight was superhero night so this involved lots of preparation for Reagan and her sisters.  She made sure that Campbell and Keaton were properly dressed and the boys just put on a shirt and grabbed a mask.  I think they were all pretty adorable.
  • Back home it was shower time for Campbell since he has school tomorrow and then a quick snack before bedtime.  
  • Yesterday, Campbell spent the afternoon at Nonna's house.  Nonna had a workerman there and this reminded Campbell about the plans for the new beds in the girls room.  She excitedly explained it to Nonna and even drew a picture to show her.  Then after thinking a bit, she told Nonna "I hope you don't go to heaven before I get my bed because I want for you to see it."

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