April 4, 2015

Celebrating Easter Weekend!
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  • We tried to sleep as late as we could this morning and were fairly successful. Campbell came in our room and I asked her if her sisters were still asleep (I could already hear her brothers.)  She answered back that Reagan was already up.  That meant that Keaton was asleep all alone upstairs which is fine but she doesn't know what the number seven is so she doesn't get up without asking someone if it is seven.  I could imagine her in her bed asking "Reagan? Reagan? Is it 7? Campbell? Campbell? Is it 7?" and no one answering her so I was about to go and get her when I heard the ker-thunk of her feet hitting the floor.
  • The little girls helped Robby make our breakfast of cinnamon rolls and then they helped me ice those cinnamon rolls.  We pretty much devoured 3 cans of cinnamon rolls.  Robby then left with Whitman to run to Sams and a pick up a few things for tomorrow.  The rest of us quickly ate, got ready and cleaned the upstairs.  
  • At 9:50, we started walking down the road to the Easter egg hunt at the little church nearby. We went about 3 years ago and have had soccer games at the same time the last 2 years. On those years, we would drive by and the kids would be so sad but not this year-they were so excited.
  • They had jumpys which the kids bounced on first and they even had a pickle walk.  Reagan made it her mission to win a pickle for everyone and she pretty much did.  Then they had an egg toss.  
  • They had trash bags for everyone to wear so they wouldn't get egg yuck on their clothes and my Reagan didn't want for us to take her picture wearing that!  Reagan and Anderson were partners, Graham and Campbell were partners and that left me with Keaton.   Whitman did stand by me some but then he would just run through the area dodging flying eggs.  All of us ended up in the finals and were moved to the concrete.  Of course Keaton and I were out immediately.  Before the move to the concrete we were about 50 feet apart and even though I would chunk the egg to Keaton it would just bounce and roll on the grass behind her. 
  • Anderson won a shirt for a door prize and Whitman picked out a movie as his door prize. Reagan had already said that we had good odds to win and we certainly did.  Then it was Easter egg hunt time.  Three year olds and under went first and Keaton got started pretty quick.  It took just a few seconds for Whitman to understand what to do but once he did, he collected quite a few.  The kids buckets were filled to the brim at the end of the egg hunt-they couldn't have been happier.
  • After the hunt, we had some hot dogs there and then walked home to eat pizza with Grannymom and Grandpa.  They came over to help patch my wall hole and rake some leaves with us.  When Jason came to drop off his cake for tomorrow, Reagan thought he had come to work and told me that she thought I was trying to have the Barnabas project at our house today.
  • We worked in the yard until about 6:30 and then came in to shower, eat and pick up some.  I asked Reagan to lay out everyone's clothes for tomorrow and you would not believe how she has it done-it looks like my bedroom is a little boutique with everyone displayed perfectly. The kids were anxiously waiting on Robby to come in and had to wait until 8.  They knew that when he came in-it was egg dyeing time.  
  • We dyed our eggs-even though we thought we had lots of eggs, the kids just have 5 each to dye.  Like most projects, Reagan could have worked on the eggs all day long.  Whitman too really enjoyed the eggs and was mad when he had finished dyeing the 3 that I had allotted to him.
  • Soon after this, it was bedtime and on the way to bed, Keaton screamed "a bug just went in my nose."  She was even a bit panicky so I did pick her up and look in her nose.  I didn't see anything but really, how would I?  I acted like I was yanking a bug out of her nose and squashing it so she calmed quickly down but goodness that did cause lots of excitement when I was trying to calm everyone down!

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