April 12, 2015

Ice Cream Truck Night!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Cinnamon rolls and doughnuts were on the menu this morning.  This, of course, helped get the kids up and ready at a pretty good pace.  My boys could care less about what they wear each Sunday (or day for that matter) but my girls, on the other hand, care deeply about their clothes.  Reagan is the most opinionated but Keaton is catching up with her.  Thankfully everyone was pleased with their clothes choices for this morning and Keaton did not have to lay face down on the floor and kick her feet while saying "I am so mad at you" as she usually does now when she is in disagreement with me.  
  • Campbell sat down by Robby during church this morning so I was able to listen to the sermon and take notes without having my elbow knocked around so much that my notes looked like chicken scratch.  Though I am sure that Robby was pretty worn out by the end of church.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house today and the kids burned off some energy by playing outside.  Finally, we had to head home for our short afternoon.  The kids needed showers from that short little time of playing outside-or I could have just sprayed them all down with fabreeze but I am running low on fabreeze and that is a lot of kids.
  • Once at home, Robby went outside to do some yard work since this week doesn't look promising for yard work.  Whitman had a nap, Reagan, Anderson and Graham decided to watch a few movies and Keaton and Campbell wanted to go outside.  They were told that if they went outside they would have to stay outside for a while and surprisingly they did-that might have something to do with a bag of jelly beans and a can of coke! 
  • The afternoon was quickly over and I loaded up the choir kids (4 biggest) to take them to choir.  I dropped them off and then ran to Walmart to buy Graham some shoes and shin guards before soccer practice tomorrow (which probably won't happen due to the rain.)  Then back to church I ran to pick up the choir kids and meet Robby and the littles back at church.
  • We did church and then Grannymom took Keaton and Whitman home for the evening.  Keaton was so excited and Whitman's eyes were huge when he realized that he was really getting to leave with Grannyom and Grandpa.  
  • So during our ice cream truck tonight there were only 4 Dennie kids here and that is always a bit strange-like the house is empty.  The kids begged me to read while they were eating their ice cream and then it was finally bedtime.

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