April 29, 2015

Can you spot the Dennie kid in the choir?
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  • Since it has been so cool lately, our heat kicked on early this morning and the first thing Keaton said when she came in our room was "it is hot in here."  And indeed it was!  It was so hot, that I pulled myself out of bed and started getting ready for the day.  
  • By the time that I could finish getting ready everyone else were working on their clothes or already dressed and playing on their kindles.  When I woke up my sweet Whitman, the others started on their chores and I worked on breakfast.
  • Breakfast was easy since we had some doughnuts left over  Everyone only ended up with 1 and a half so I had to offer up some cereal but I think they were too distracted by their kindles to eat anymore.  Usually the kindles aren't pulled out until after lunch, even on Bible study days, so this was a special treat.
  • Today was a big day in Bible study-the end of the year performance.  This time almost everyone was able to come-Robby, Nonna, Grannymom and Grandpa.  Reagan and Anderson's group sang the books of the Old Testament first.  Then came Keaton's class and she obviously was the most adorable one there and would look at all of us and smile.  Then Graham and Campbell's class joined them as well.  My Graham sang his heart out but he didn't move his hands a bit!  He is a Baptist through and through and pretty much refused to do any hand motions!  He would just look at us and smirk while singing away.
  • Of course we needed to celebrate so we headed to the park with the Heltz.  The kids played and played-the big kids moved their food to the top of a slide to all eat up there.  Whitman saw this and picked up his plate and headed that way to join them.  I helped him carry his plate up there but I am not sure how much he ate after he moved.
  • After the kids played a while, we headed home.  (Beebee is still sickly and since we are a bit sickly too, we thought we better skip today)  Once at home, Whitman and Graham washed some more rocks.  This time Whitman did fall off of his chair and seems to hit his gums pretty good-hopefully he won't lose any teeth!  They aren't loose but really, who knows with this child!
  • Then we worked on our oral reports and followed that with movie time.  My plan was to take a quick little nap this afternoon but my Keaton and Campbell talked and talked and talked to me.  It was constant and before I had answered all of their questions it was time for everyone to start picking up for church tonight.
  • I had made a deal with the kids that they could watch movies early only if they would help me with chores before supper so I had 5 cheerful workers ready to fulfill their end of our bargain (not really but we did get it all done!)  Then we had supper and did a bit of readying before heading to church.
  • Church tonight was the same for the big kids-Graham is still struggling memorizing his verses (we are going to hit them hard this week-that is going to be my mission).  But things were different for the little kids and different for Robby and me since we were actually working with kids (not sure if I am crazy about kids!-kidding, it was fine)
  • Once at home, the kids all had a quick drink before brushing their teeth and heading to bed.  Hopefully, my Whitman will continue to sleep well and my new cougher, Campbell, will sleep good also.

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