April 5, 2015-Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
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  • Campbell was the first one in our room today and I think her and everyone else completely forgot that they would have a few things in their Easter baskets this morning.  We don't do a lot at Easter but there was still a bunch of excitement over the new socks, a new book and a bit of candy.  
  • This morning we had a pretty big dilemma-when and where to feed the kids.  The kitchen floor had been cleaned last night so we didn't want for them to eat in the kitchen and they had to eat before they put on their church clothes, so we wondered if having them eat outside in their pjs would work.  We did finally opt for breakfast in the kitchen before clothes on but that did add me having to sweep before heading out the door this morning.
  • My kiddos all looked adorable in their Easter duds.  No clothes were new today but Nonna did get the little girls new shoes and pantyhose to wear.  I think all of my girls were very pleased with their outfits.  We did our obligatory Easter picture on the bench and it turned out pretty much like any picture would with 6 kiddos all looking in different directions and at least one of them fussing at all times!
  • Once at church, the kids made the grandparent visits and then we settled in for church.  The preacher did a mini sermon before his real sermon and when he stood back up and started reading from his Bible, Campbell looked at me and loudly whispered "Not again!"  
  • Next up was Sunday school for all and then back in the cars to head home for Easter lunch.  By the time my car load arrived, Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Lilli, Cash, Nonna and Pops were already there and Jason soon arrived as well.  Lunch was delicious but the kiddos were too excited to eat. They only had one thing on their mind and that was hunting eggs.
  • It had been raining some today but the rain had stopped so we quickly went out to hide a few eggs.  And by few, I mean around 300-400.  I think I may have a problem-I was determined to fill every egg that we had (though I do not know why we have that many eggs!)  We had eggs all around the house and even designated an area for Keaton and Whitman.  
  • We stood everyone on the porch for the pre-egg hunting picture and then Robby told them they could go and they ran off in different directions.  Everyone ran off except Whitman-he just stood on the porch trying to figure out where everyone just went!  Finally, he figured out what was happening and filled up his bucket with eggs.  
  • Keaton was so excited about finding eggs today and was determined to fill up her bucket.  The big kids filled their buckets at least twice and had to run and pour their eggs into plastic bags so they could continue their hunt.  Once all of the eggs were gone (I am sure we will still be finding them over the next few days though) the kids all went inside to open the eggs.
  • After they opened their eggs, the started trading and bartering over candy.  It was so interesting to watch and it went on and on.  Then everyone started heading home and we picked up the house a bit before the evening.  
  • Robby and I decided to go to see The Kingdom again tonight.  Campbell and Graham really wanted to go with us but everyone headed to Grannymom's house for a bit.  They played outside there, some had a bath, they ate supper and everyone had a grand ole time.  When The Kingdom was over (and by the way, it was absolutely wonderful again tonight) we picked everyone up and headed home.
  • My Keaton fell asleep on the way home and drooled all over the front of her pajamas.  She woke up when we were tucking her in and then told me as she was touching her pajamas "it feels like someone licked me."  I assured her that no one had licked her and her shirt would quickly dry.  Poor baby, last night it was a bug in her nose and tonight someone was licking her!

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