April 3, 2015

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  • We finished off the doughnuts this morning and then started on our school work.  The kids started to work on their school with full tummies and in a fairly good mood.  
  • This had been a bonus day of school but I didn't tell anyone that or it would have ruined their good mood.  We were able to work on their upcoming oral reports some and finish Anderson's spelling book-just that much closer to summer break which everyone is very excited about.
  • Around 11, I put Whitman to bed for a few minutes and the kids and I did our together work.  My Anderson and Graham almost came to blow over who was going to point to the states as we did our states songs.  I only have 3 maps so that causes some problems.  After making them apologize to everyone, Graham and Reagan ended up working together-they are my two who are usually causing the problems and not solving them.
  • We had lunch next and after lunch Whitman disappeared for quite awhile  I was playing with Keaton and Campbell with Whitman's new grill and I should have been more suspicious of his whereabouts.  Because when I took him upstairs later in the day for his nap, I saw what he had been working on....my walls!  He started on the laundry room closet doors (all 4 of them) and then moved to two more spots on the hall way wall and then began again in the toy room.  It is a good thing that I have a huge bag of magic erasers from China or I would have been pretty upset with that child.
  • The afternoon was pretty much the same as usual-I did start on the treadmill and after 12 minutes, someone rang the doorbell.  Graham came to get me and Keaton met me at the bottom and said that she talked to the man.  I immediately worried that they had let him in but no, she had just yelled through the door that her mom was coming.  No telling how long it took them to come and get me!
  • For supper, Reagan and I had a delicious meal-the others didn't think so at all.  Robby couldn't even choke it down even though everyone was watching him.  Quinoa, black beans, chicken broth, corn, fire roasted tomatoes-it was really good.  I will gladly eat all of the leftovers and feel that this is my best new meal yet!
  • We ate a bit earlier than usual tonight because we decided to go to The Kingdom tonight.  Even though we were there crazy early, it was crazy crowded.  We ended up with almost our Sunday morning seats.  As soon as it started, Keaton asked "where is God?" and then later she pointed to the angel and asked "Can he fly?"  And on the other side of me was Graham-poor thing, he was so nervous.  At one point he put his face behind my back.  After the crucifixion he was finally able to enjoy the rest of the program.  And enjoy it we did-it gets better each time.
  • Once at home, it was bedtime for my people.  I think that they were all pretty tired (and some of them might have been a bit hungry!)

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