April 23, 2015

The kids all scream for ice cream!
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  • So we were all sleeping soundly last night, until about 2.  Screeching and beeping woke me up and I hopped out of bed knowing that it was the alarm but not really thinking.  If I had realized it was the alarm buzzing, I would have crawled under the bed and grabbed a baseball bat, not traipse through the house alone. 
  • We are in the middle of switching over alarm systems so each door has two sensors and that means double motion sensors as well as two alarm bases.  The new one has a sound that I am not yet used to but I still walked to the old base trying to turn it off.  
  • By this time, Robby was stumbling around too.  The noise was now quiet and we both thought that one of his new alarm sensors had fallen down (as it did last week as we were going to bed-imagine our surprise when the alarm chimes and we see on our phone that the front door has opened but the sensor had just fallen off the door causing the commotion)
  • Well, last night we quickly found a fallen sensor in the kids hallway but Robby then realized that was not from the alarm that was making the screeching.  This beeping was a sound from the old alarm that I had never heard before (fire). So he went back to his phone and really read what it said "Urgent Bonus Room Fire Alarm" so up we scurry to the bonus room.    
  • All was well up there and I went back into our room just as the alarm company was calling me. Thankfully, they were able to call off the fire department so we didn't have that to deal with but we still continued to walk around for a while sniffing and looking trying to figure out what happened.  Finally we decided that it had truly just been a false alarm and settled back into bed. Since I possibly have a pretty unhealthy fear of fires, it did take me a bit to finally go back to sleep.  And that is how we started the day!
  • As usual on Thursdays, Keaton and Whitman got dressed along with Campbell to take her to school. The made it just as they were lining up to sing.  They took the long way home - Keaton reported they stopped at McD's to get Robby a sausage biscuit and then Sonic to get them both drinks. The deal was for her to share the drink when she got home but they didn't work out so well in reality.
  • School was pretty uneventful and by the time it was time to get Campbell everyone but Graham loaded up to go get her. Graham stayed back with Robby to finish his computer math and then play his Kindle.
  • Lunch was leftovers from Tuesday and then some reading before we did a few chores and finished up the last bit of school.  It was overcast and a bit rainy so limited time outside today but most of the kids did got out for a bit to ride bikes, scooters and play in the dirt long enough to get dirty.  Then it was time for afternoon movies while I ran on the treadmill.
  • I guess Robby decided he had been cooped up in his office closet because as soon as it was 5:00, he said he was headed out with the troops since I was going to Bunko tonight.  He left around 5:30 and I headed out soon after for stops at Mardel's and Michael's before heading to Sara's.  Meanwhile, Robby ventured all the way to Benton (he had itch for Mazzio's Pizza). No play place there so the kids twisted his arm to stop at Burger King on the way back for some playtime (and ice cream!).  Back home, everyone took showers and then it was bedtime!

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