August 10, 2015

Officially meeting Ms. Jennifer!
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  • I poured bowl after bowl of cereal this morning and then the kids started on school.  They just had a few hours to work before it was time to clean up, pack up and put on bathing suits.
  • Todays big event was taking Keaton to meet her teacher.  Ms. Jennifer is her teacher and showed my Keaton all around her room.  Keaton was so excited about this day and could not wait to put her school box in her new cubbie.  
  • Meanwhile out in the hall, my others should have been working on their school work.  I do not think that is exactly what was happening but they were not making to much of a scene so they were still rewarded with our next stop-swimming.
  • They had called for a hot, hot day but it wasn't that bad at the pool.  We arrived right at lunch time and ate our lunches before jumping in the pool.  Not too long after, Robby showed up with popsicles for us so we then set out and enjoyed popsicle after popsicle. 
  • We swam for about 2 and a half hours and then loaded up to come home.  Once at home I made the kids do a bit of practicing for their Run with the Son one mile run.  Reagan decided that since she wasn't going to be at the race (due to a sleepover) she wouldn't run with the others.  Anderson ran to the big tree once but then just walked the second lap.  Graham ran once to the big tree and then he stopped to pick up sticks-I guess he figured that he would do anything but run...even pick up sticks.  Campbell moaned the entire time but my Keaton (who only did the lap once) jogged the entire time.  Maybe she will be my runner...but all Dennie kiddos will be doing some laps in the near future!
  • Once inside, the kids had to finish a bit of their school work and then we did our first day of history.  I cut Campbell some slack since she possibly is still feeling bad but that child can not sit still for anything.  Some ADD meds might be in her future!  Last night someone said that they could tell that Campbell really enjoyed life!  That she does.
  • Soon the afternoon was over and it was supper time.  I had nothing ready but finally came up with something edible-ish.  After eating, we let the kids watch a movie, play their kindles and lots of paper cutting went on with the girls-Reagan was making birthday invites for a party for her American Girl doll, Campbell and Keaton had me cutting out circles, hearts and balloons for whatever they were working on.
  • I have a sneaking suspicion that I will end up taking my little guy to the doctor tomorrow.  He is sitting on the couch right now with a horrible hacking cough.  Each time he coughs, Keaton asks him if he is okay and then passes him his cup of water and says "drink your water."  Hopefully, a good dose of medicine will help him to sleep tonight.  Or maybe a good dose of medicine for us will help us sleep through his coughing.

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