August 24, 2015

Taking over the life guard duties!
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  • Monday morning and I was the first one up this morning.  Every second I get up before everyone else is almost like gold.  I did eat the last bit of my raisin bran cereal this morning which made me a bit sad-no need to worry, there is a grocery store run in the future since I have taken to this eating breakfast routine.
  • Graham started on his school work before breakfast this morning which was fine except once he had finished with his school, then there was just trouble for him to cause.  My Anderson does his school work in spurts-fools around for 45 minutes and then works really hard for 10 minutes over and over again.  Makes me insane!  I told Robby tonight that I think I am going to get rid of the boys desk chairs-that way they will have to work in another quiet room.
  • School did go fairly well and we had our lunch while reading a few stories.  Then we picked up the house which took a few minutes (about 30) but it was much needed.  After that we worked on our history and memory work.  We ran out of time to do our history and science independent reading today but that was fine.
  • The reason we ran out of time was because I was going to make sure that the kids had movie time-not to be nice but because Campbell had been told that she lost her movie time for the day so I had to make sure that there was movie time to miss!  My Campbell was none to happy about this but hopefully she learned her lesson (I can guarantee that she did not!)
  • After one tv show, we loaded up and headed to the pool for the 33rd time this summer-not that I am keeping count or anything.  The kids played with the Kamps even though the water was practically ice cold.  After a bit of swimming and a pizza for supper we headed home for showers and then bedtime!
  • Tonight at bedtime we were discussing the day and Robby was going over a few things to improve on tomorrow.  I added that no one could watch anything on the computer after they had finished with school.  This comment was directed towards Campbell and she piped in that Whitman does.  Robby added that he does and he can because he is two.  Campbell then shot back that she wished she was one to which Robby replied that she will never ever be one. Campbell thought for a second and then proudly proclaimed "well, the Bible says to be born again!"

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