August 23, 2015

Ice Cream Truck Night!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Getting ready for church this morning was a piece of cake.  I did feel a bit sorry for Shelley having to make sure my three girls and Lilli looked presentable for church.  Doing hair is what usually takes us so long on Sundays (and all I can really do with hair is three different things-ponytail, down or some of it pulled back).  If you will remember I had to do Reagan's hair last week in the church parking lot.
  • Back to today, we were ready so early that we decided to get doughnuts on the way to church (and we were out of doughnuts here) and then once we made it to church, we just sat in the car and ate for a few minutes before going in and seeing the grands.
  • The boys made the rounds collecting candy and then I dropped Whitman off at his class and this was the easier Sunday morning drop off in months so that was wonderful.  Our class was up by one so that was good and my 3rd grade class went smoothly.
  • Grannymom had Mexican for lunch today and after a bit Dana headed to pick up my girls and we went home.  The boys watched a few shows while Robby, Whitman and I took a nap.  I should have been folding clothes-some are in the dryer and there was a full load to start-but I decided there was no reason to be an overachiever plus I knew the girls would be bringing home laundry to add to the pile.  I am so glad that some days my kids (and I) just wear our pjs all day long-sure helps with the laundry.
  • Back to church tonight and again we were there a bit early but I would take having to scurry around with all my kiddos over being early anytime.  Soon the girls showed up and started telling us all about their trip.  They had a wonderful time and were pretty happy to see their brothers and us (hopefully).
  • Whitman and Keaton went to class happily and when we picked them up, she said "that wasn't that long."  The kids even had a few minutes to play in the game room before we headed home.  I made sandwiches for those who wanted them and then Robby passed out our Sunday ice cream.  
  • Whitman continued shouting that he wanted a "boy one" over and over again.  It took Robby at least 10 minutes to figure out what a "boy one" was-red freezie pop.  After that was figured out, everyone was happy and all of babies were under one room-and I was happy as well!

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