August 22, 2015

Celebrating Cash's 9th Birthday!
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  • Even though the boys and Noah stayed up until after 11 last night they were still awake at 7 this morning.  I couldn't tell what they were doing until Anderson came in asking for Robby's ipad so they could all have a device to play on.
  • We eventually got out of bed ourselves and fed those boys-powdered doughnuts (all of our stash for tomorrow).  I had planned on giving them orange juice but when I opened the fridge we had a tiny bit left.  I then kidded Robby about drinking the juice and he reminded me that we have had it for a week and he wondered what I had not been giving it to the kids.  I replied that I was saving it for something special-me!  Juice is a big treat at our house-we prefer to give the kids cokes instead (kidding!-I really mean diet cokes!)
  • The boys had a nerf gun war (closely monitored by me so no one could have a chance to get upset) and then they went upstairs to play the wii as Robby finished his treadmill time.  Meanwhile I pulled out Reagan's school for the month-this week I am going to try giving her all of her weeks work at one time.  We will see if she picks the easy and saves the hard for last or if she works ahead and finished early.
  • Our first even of the day was Cash's 9th birthday party.  It was a fishing party for the boys were able to fish some.  Fishing has never been our forte around here but the boys really seemed to enjoy it.  Pretty much all of the boys caught a fish today and along with playing on the playground they had a great time.
  • The rain held off and we were able to go to the pool for a little bit before taking Noah home.  The boys played football for most of their time in the pool and Whitman just did his own thing.  He is pretty content at the swimming pool for at least an hour and today he was the last one out of the pool and wasn't really ready to leave.
  • After dropping Noah off, we came home and the boys showered and then Whitman and Robby napped.  I did a few things as the boys watched tv and then I watched the storm rolling through. 
  • Next up was supper and then the Wilsons went walking so we joined them.  Their kids had a lemonade stand so we emptied Robby's car with pennys so the kids could buy a cup of lemonade-good thing we didn't have all of the kids with us or they all couldn't have had a drink.
  • The girls are still having a great time in Mississippi-they started off the morning with a swim, toured the Memphis zoo and then had another swim this afternoon.  I am afraid that my girls are not going to want to come home!

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