August 14, 2015

Pool time with friends!
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  • I was the first one awake this morning and before I could make the muffins, Anderson joined me downstairs and helped make muffins with me.  I made sure that I didn't have any lemon poppyseed muffins this week since I didn't want to hear the wailing and moaning this morning.
  • After our breakfast, the kids started on their school but we didn't work for too long before it was time to leave.  Keaton did ask me about a zillion times this morning if it was time to put on her bathing suit.  It didn't matter how I explained to her or what words I used, she still could not understand that it would not be time for bathing suits until after Robby came home from work.
  • The first stop of our errands was a stop at the library for the free food truck.  Yep, I wish that I had known about the free lunch program all summer long and I would have tried harder to make it there more often.  Today was a great lunch (thank you taxpayers): pb and j uncrstable sandwiches, carrots, cheese stick, strawberry craisins and chocolate milk.
  • Next stop was Beebee's place and since I had forgotten Whitman's cup, he waited patiently to get to Beebee's room so we could get a straw for him to drink out of.  As soon as he saw Beebee, he started saying "need straw!"  Once I sat him down with his milk and straw, he went to town and sucked that carton dry.  The boys did thier part on cleaning out Beebee's candy box today and we were the hit of the dining area-all the old folks enjoyed straring at us while they waited on thier lunch.
  • I did realize that before cold and flu season, I must teach Whitman to not kiss people on the lips.  He kissed all over Beebee and then kissed all over Ms. Staley today-hope his cough isn't contagious!
  • Then we went to church to pick up the rack packets for tomorrow.  Graham is a bit nervous about the race and Keaton does not remember what is happening tomorrow so she is a bit anxious about it as well.  
  • Next stop was Walgreens but the boys medicine was still out so we headed home for a bit.  The kids had to finish their school work-Reagan is still struggling with her long division and Anderson did take a while so we never even got to history today but there will be plenty of time next week!
  • Reagan could hardly wait to go to Alyssa Kates this afternoon.  Apparently, they had a big night-grilling out, a walk around the mall and then Le Pops with swimming planned for tomorrow.  I know that she is having a great time but the others had a good time tonight too.
  • The Wilsons met us at the pool and the Kamps were there too so my crew had plenty of friends to play with.  Robby made hot dogs and all of the fixings which we devoured.  The kids swam and swam (it was too cold for us to get in tonight and by the end of the evening, my Keaton's lips were turning blue as she shivered!)  
  • The pool night ended with the pool showing the movie Big Hero 6 around the pool.  The kids watched some of the movie and then we eventually left because the mosquitos found us.  As we were leaving the pool, another boy walking out looked our way and said "oh, they had a field trip."  
  • Tomorrow's field trip will start early in the morning at Run with the Son-I better get into bed!

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