August 28, 2015

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  • At 5:15, Campbell came downstairs and said "I had a dream about Reagan murdering Anderson."  I guess I am more awake in the middle of the night than I am that early in the morning because instead of talking about her scary dream, I just said "crawl in my bed."  "Murdering" is a pretty strong word for my 5 year old to use.  It is not a word that we use a lot around here so I was pretty surprised to hear that come out of her mouth but that is Campbell-you never know what to expect.
  • Campbell laid down with us for about 2 minutes and then asked for me to make her a pallet.  Around this time, Robby took his ipad to go and read the news in the bathroom and when he returned, the pallet was empty and Campbell was in his spot so he spent the rest of the early morning on the floor.
  • We had our breakfast and did a bit of school work before leaving to go and see Beebee.  She was in the shower when we arrived so we had to wait a bit.  But as soon as she was done, the first word out of Whitman's mouth was "candy?"  He was talking to me so I said "ask Beebee" and he looked right at her and said "candy?"  He then ate piece after piece of candy until it was time for us to go.
  • When it was time to go, I told everyone to hug Beebee.  My Campbell did not so as we walked down the hall, I told her that she would not swim today because she did not give Beebee a hug.  This did not set too well so she ran back down to Beebee's room and gave her the biggest hug ever.  
  • Then we drove to the other side of the state to meet our friends and swim at their house.  The kids were all hungry when we arrived so we had our lunch and then the kids swam for quite a while.  Keaton was mad at me pretty much the entire time because I wouldn't get into the ice cold water so she could swim to me-I was setting on the edge watching her.  But turns out she could touch in the shallow.
  • After our swimming, we dropped Anderson off at Grannymom's house and then dropped Campbell off at Nonna's house.  If we just had four more sets of grandparents than we could have an empty house.  But my four this afternoon were pretty much like having an empty house-Whitman watched his Thomas, Keaton played dolls, Reagan and Anderson watched a movie.  
  • Then we went to eat BBQ and then did some grocery shopping.  It was a round of speed grocery shopping because Whitman was with us-he just seems to be so loud when we are shopping, it is a happy loud but it is still loud!  
  • After we had finished our shopping, we went to Kum and Go.  Months ago we went to a Kum and Go and bought milkshakes but Reagan wasn't there.  So we promised her that we would take her some night so she could get a shake.  Well, tonight was the night and that girl didn't even get a shake but got an icee.
  • Then we ran to the Wilsons' house after unloading our groceries.  The plan had been to walk but we just visited a bit instead before coming home to finish unloading all of those groceries.  The kids quickly found a bed to sleep in (2 empty beds tonight meant that everyone switched beds) and then they were all sound asleep!

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