August 17, 2015

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  • Monday mornings are always the hardest around here but today was a tiny bit better than the last few Mondays.  School went surprisingly well with the boys finishing school in time to play a game of chess before lunch.  Reagan still had some math to do after lunch but all in all that is still pretty fine with me.  
  • Right before lunch, Keaton and I made some jello together.  As she was stirring it, she said "God likes jello."  I did not know that but we have 6 bowls of it in the fridge now with plans to eat them for supper tomorrow.
  • During lunch we finally finished our first Rush Revere book and my Graham is anxious for us to start reading the next book in the series.  The afnteroon seemed to go by fairly quickly but that was probably because I gave everyone some extra time to play before we started our chores.
  • After chore time, we did some history and science and then tried out what I had been the most excited to start during school-20 minutes of independent reading while reading a history or science book.  This went over fairly well and it might just work-only if it happens after Whitman is in bed and it will work especially well on the days when Keaton is at school.  
  • Speaking of school, Keaton can not wait to start to school tomorrow and she has even laid out her clothes for tomorrow.  It does make me a bit sad my sweet Keaton going to school-we will not get her back for about 2 years but I know that she is going to have a great time and just like Campbell did last year, she is already asking me when she is going to take snack.
  • After our reading the kids had a bit of time to relax and then it was time to suit up and head to the pool.  The Kamps were there so my crew was delighted and I was delighted to see Robby bringing us supper (pizza).  The kids swam for about 3 hours and then we headed home.
  • Once at home, we passed out antibiotics-Campbell's last time.  Anderson and Graham still have quite a few more days and it will seem like forever because Graham takes forever to take his.  Robby also cut Graham's hair before he showered.  By the time everyone had showered, had a drink, brushed their teeth, the cars were emptied, bathrooms straightened, dishes emptied and laundry started, we were pretty tired!  

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