August 8, 2015

Making corn bread!
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  • Last night when we went to bed, we noticed that Campbell was a bit congested along with a few coughs.  I heard her tell Keaton that both of her ears hurt a little bit but when I asked her about it she said that they didn't.  Robby guessed that she wouldn't make it all night in her room and would be downstairs.  
  • And surprisingly, she did sleep in her room until about 6:30 when she came downstairs crying.  Her ears were hurting so we used our ear drops to give her some relief.  Later when Anderson came downstairs, she told him "Anderson, my ear hurts so badly I think I need an ambulance."  I didn't need to hear that to be convinced to take Campbell to the doctor this morning but if I hadn't been sure, hearing her saying that she needed an ambulance would have definitely made up my mind.
  • We left a bit after 7:30 so we could be one of the first ones at the doctors and we still had to wait a bit.  When the doctor looked in Campbell's ear, she said "horrible" and the other one was beginning to get infected as well.  
  • Campbell and I then headed to Walgeeens to pick up her medicine and since it wasn't ready yet, we went on down the road to Shipleys to get breakfast for the crew back at home.  What were the others doing at home?  Sleeping!  Keaton had come downstairs before we left and ended up going back to sleep with Robby.  Whitman and Reagan snoozed for a long while as well.  
  • When we walked in the door though everyone was awake and ready to check on Campbell...or maybe they were ready to eat our breakfast.  We ate and gave Campbell a good dose of her medicine and then started our morning.
  • Robby and I worked on cleaning out a tv cabinet and somehow that turned into watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie with the kids.  Before too long Pops showed up to take Anderson over to their house for the night.  I think that Pops was just as excited about having Anderson come over as Anderson was about going over to their house.  I heard Anderson say that all he wanted to do was play with the Star Wars toys.
  • Since we ate breakfast around 10 we then had lunch/supper around 2:30.  I made up some spaghetti and we pretty much devoured it before our fairly boring afternoon.  I spent some time picking out pictures for the kids books-I have to do that at the end of every month.  It also has to be done 6 times, once for everyone.  This makes it much easier when Robby makes the kids memory picture books each year.  But when I have to pick out pictures from a vacation, it takes me forever and it took me forever today! (I am only half way finished!)
  • After a long, quiet afternoon we loaded up and headed to the pool.  Dana and her crew showed up and the kids swam until they shut the pool down.  My Keaton is really doing well swimming-maybe she can get it down before the end of the year! Then we hurried home and threw everyone in the shower before throwing them into bed!

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