August 21, 2015

Celebrating Todd's 41st Birthday!
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  • Today was a big day for my people and they were noisy before 7.  Whitman was even able to feel the energy and was talking as I was quietly making muffins in the kitchen.  Why was I so quiet if everyone was still awake, you ask.  Well, even though I know my kids need to learn how to cook, I didn't feel the need for a lesson to begin before 7.  I would actually prefer not to speak to anyone before 7.
  • We ate and then started on school this morning.  Since it is Friday, the kids had a bit less work to do with me so I was finished with school by 11!  And with my free time, I helped the little girls make 2 paper plate crafts and most everyone did a bit of finger painting.
  • Painting is something that everyone enjoys and Whitman does too but he especially enjoys the clean up process.  He pushes the chair to the sink and then washes his hands and then his hair.  Yep, the child bends down and puts his hair under the faucet which of course gets all of his clothes wet.  (Probably since I don't change those clothes off of him is why he now has a yucky nose!)
  • We had lunch and then started on chores.  I gave the kids the choice of helping me with chores today or just sitting at the bar with their heads laid down.  Seriously, I only wanted them to help if they wanted to.  The original count was 6 people choosing to sit at the bar and I told them that was fine but it would take me a while to do everything.  After about 10 minutes of me working everyone soon joined me and the house was quickly picked up (sort of!)  
  • When we were getting ready to leave, I said out loud that I had finished everything except the laundry and Reagan said "I don't think Noah will mind if you have laundry out."  I told her that I was not doing the laundry in preparation for Noah to come and spend the night.  I just needed to fold the clothes!
  • After lunch, I had to set the timer to count down until it was time to leave.  Campbell and Keaton asked me about 20 times and then just continued to walk around the kitchen holding their stuff looking at the timer until it was time to leave...they were Mississippi bound.
  • I believe that it might be easier to list my stops this afternoon/evening:
    • Grannymom's house-to drop of Whitman for the night (kid count:5)
    • Noah's house-to pick him up for the night (kid count: 6)
    • Denny's restaurant-to pick up Lilli (kid count: 7)
    • Acxiom-to pick up Robby
    • McDonald's (Brinkley)-to drop girls off with Shelley for a fun filled weekend with the Mississippi Dennies (kid count: 3)
    • Acxiom-to pick up Robby's car
    • Church-to drop off my car
    • McGuire's house-to eat supper and celebrate Todd's 41st birthday
  • The afternoon and evening went quickly but we all enjoyed Amber's meal and I even left with the recipe to add to our supper list.  The kids played outside and then all gathered around an ipad until it was time for us to go.
  • Once at home the boys took showers and are now quietly sitting in the living room-I guess I must get up and put them in bed!

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