August 12, 2015

I think he was tired....
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  • Campbell was the one who was coughing last night (Whitman did his share of coughing but not too bad).  Robby ended up just bringing Campbell to our room a bit after midnight due to her coughing.  Really, should she be coughing after almost a week on an antibiotic?  Her ears are much better though-she couldn't even tell me which one had hurt today.
  • Once she went to sleep, everyone did sleep well.  Graham and Keaton were the first ones up this morning but soon the house was hoping and we were eating our breakfast and doing some reading.
  • The kids could not wait to get started on school today-that was because I only had them do 2 things.  I probably should have had them do more but I wanted the morning to not be too hectic for myself.  We did do our first day of science today and everyone seems pleased (I changed my science this year-last years was fun for them, a bit simple and crazy expensive.  But Reagan still remembers the one before that she calls "boring,"  It was that but it was also high school/college level.)
  • We met a church to help stuff leftover backpacks from the Back to School Bash.  The kids worked hard-some harder than others!  I do believe that we packed around 150 backpacks in less than an hour and that hard work deserved some time on the playground.  
  • The kids played on the playground and then we headed to the library.  I already had our lunches packed but the free lunch van was at the library so how could we pass that up.  They gave everyone chocolate milk, squeeze applesauce, an orange and a big chicken sandwich.  The kids ate some of everything but we had 2 sandwiches left so after our library visit, we drove to Nonna's house to drop off supper for them.
  • Then it was on to the pool.  The Skelleys met us at the pool and the kids swam and swam.  I tried to get in the water so Keaton could practice swimming but I only made it an house because it was cold, cold in that water.  The next hour Laura and I just sat near the pool and chatted while watching the kiddos.  Robby showed up with popsicles for everyone and when he left he took Whitman and Graham wanted to go to so he also rode home.  Just as they were leaving the Heltz and Kamps showed up so we stayed a bit longer to play with all of them.
  • Once at home, we had chicken spaghetti for supper and then had some free time before driving down the road to go walking with the Wilsons.  The kids (including Whitman) all played inside and we walked over 3 miles.  It was a bit easier walking tonight than the last time we went since we were pushing Whitman in his stroller.  
  • When we made it home, Graham and Whitman showered and then everyone had a quick snack before bedtime!

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