August 16, 2015

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  • Campbell ended up in our bed around 2 last night.  I guess she wasn't too pleased with how little I had scooted over for her so a few minutes later, she asked for me to make her a pallet on the floor.  When our alarms started dinging, she did climb back in bed with us and we talked about all of the new Sunday school classes.  That is when she said my favorite thing of the day "Last year, I really wanted to go to big church but I just didn't know how boring it was going to be."  
  • We had our breakfast and Robby turned on the news for the kid to watch while they were eating.  No better way to show the kids how much the world needs Jesus than by watching the news-goodness gracious!  No one really paid any attention except Reagan who sat at the breakfast table for quite awhile-which was probably the reason that we had to do her hair this morning standing in the church parking lot.
  • Everyone went to their classes well this morning-even Whitman who didn't really even fuss.  My class was quite different than last year-we only had 5 as compared to our average of 12 or more last year.
  • After Sunday school we headed over to Nonna's for a big Sunday lunch.  The kids enjoyed seeing Graham's tent that he had made last night when he spent the night over there and then Jason had a plethora of Snoopys and Woodstocks that he was cleaning out from his house to give to the kiddos.  I do believe that at least 4 Dennies are sleeping with a Snoopy tonight.  
  • This afternoon we did nothing and it was blissful-I am always amazed that I can ignore the ever growing pile of clean laundry in my bedroom floor on Saturdays and Sundays but come 7:15 tomorrow morning, it will drive my crazy!
  • Church picnic tonight and my kiddos had the best time ever.  Keaton and Campbell took great care of Whitman on all of the jumpies.  Anderson and Graham played kickball and football (at one point my Anderson was playing football with a bunch of teenage girls).  Reagan found Kaleigh and Sara to hang out with and had a good time.  We stayed until they started taking the bouncies down and hauling the trash cans away.  Keaton walked back to us and said "it is closing time."
  • Back at home, we showered as quick as we could and then put everyone in bed.  We did have time to cut Anderson's hair (Graham was already in the shower) and give 3 kiddos their medicine.  Third week of school tomorrow and most importantly, I plan to not leave the house!

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