August 2, 2015

We all scream for ice cream!
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  • My Campbell-gracious, I could write the entire post about her.  After a few days on vacations, she always comes home a bit spooked about sleeping in her own bed.  Last night was no different and by 10:30, Robby and I had been upstairs 4 times and she had been down batting her eyes at us trying to get us to let her sleep in our bedroom.  Anderson was at his wits end with her and told me "can you not tell her that there is nothing to be afraid of?"  I tried that and it didn't work, nor did pointing out her 2 big brothers, big sister and little sister sleeping in the very same room with!  She finally went to sleep...but for who knows how long.
  • Because before 7 this morning she had built a complete train track for Whitman, laid out the kids Sunday clothes in piles in my floor and climbed in bed with me.  She was full of energy all day and spend the afternoon walking around the house with her baby dolls, diaper bags and ipod.  This ipod is her "cell phone" which she uses to text Daddy (wonder where she comes up with these things?)  I guess Keaton picked it up at some point and Campbell took it away from her causing Keaton to have herself a fit.  This caused Robby to take the ipod away which caused Campbell to turn on the tears and that child is full of drama.  
  • Now she was especially full of energy during church.  Tonight, she could not sit still for anything.  Robby and I didn't see her but she ended up shooting her hair rubber band onto the row behind us cause the folks behind us to burst out laughing.  For the last 10 minutes of the sermon, I dug my nails into her arm helping to remind her to sit still.  That child! Lord help her.
  • Back to everyone else-they were not as awake as Campbell and we nearly didn't get Anderson up in time for breakfast.  After breakfast was eaten and hair was combed, it was time for church.  Then on to Sunday school where the kids only have one more week in their classes before moving up to the next class.  
  • Nonna and Pops had lunch for us at their house and it was bbq which was delicious.  The kids had some time to play while I studied the ads and Robby and Pops snoozed the afternoon away.  Then it was time for us to head home and fold some clothes-we made the kids help which could have been a good thing or could have slowed us down...I really am not sure.  Doing laundry with 6 kiddos around certainly is a bit stressful but we finished and tonight before bed, everyone helped put their clothes away.  And we were caught up for about 7 minutes.
  • After our afternoon naps went too quickly by and soon it was time for church tonight.  After church the kids were ready to come home for ice cream truck.  We did let Whitman set on a bar stool tonight so we will see if he even sits back in his high chair tomorrow!...which is also the first day of school!

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