August 30, 2015

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  • Sunday morning here and we had doughnuts.  Friday we had found some on sale at Kroger and the kids could not wait until today so we could eat those babies.  I am not sure why a doughnut with gummy worms on it can be such an attraction to everyone.  Robby had to go and find a bag of gummy worms to make everyone happy.  Robby and I were pretty excited to try the maple and bacon doughnut-it just tasted like any ole day old doughnut.
  • Then it was church time followed by lunch at Nonna's house.  She had sandwiches which is one of my favorite meals-as long as I am not eating it at home (those aren't nearly as fun.)  The kids had time to play before we left for home.
  • I don't know what it is about Sunday afternoons but I can hardly stay awake on the way home.  We tried for a few weeks to be productive on Sunday afternoons but I am just not good like that.  Today we hid in the bonus room and slept peacefully for an hour (peacefully is a relative term-I only had to go downstairs twice)  
  • Church tonight and poor Robby had to sit by Campbell through not just one but five sermons (a sermonette and 4 charges to folks being ordained)  All things considered she did pretty good but my, oh my, I think we will eventually have to get that child on some meds! (or get us on some meds!)
  • After church tonight, we went out to eat with a few folks and filled the restaurant.  I guess that was easy to do since there were 38 folks in our group.  And let me mention my kiddos, couldn't be prouder of them, they stayed in their seats and pretty much ate their food-or maybe just drank coke and ate ice cream.  But either way, it was nice to get to visit with grown ups while out to eat.  
  • Once at home, we rushed everyone into pajamas, brushed teeth and then took our pictures tonight while they were in their beds since this might just be their last night in the bunk beds (we might take them apart tomorrow-we will see!)

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