August 5, 2015

Silly antics with the Skelley's!
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  • When I went to bed last night, I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to get Robby to scoot over enough for me to sleep in the bed.  He was snoozing off his fever and was laying right on my side even as I squeezed into my spot and read for 30 minutes.  Finally, I was able to elbow him enough that I was able to sleep with only half of myself hanging off of the bed.
  • I guess starting school and having VBS on the same week probably wasn't the best idea-it is getting harder and harder to wake everyone up in the mornings.  But the smell of waffles soon drew my sleeping Reagan downstairs.  
  • The third day of school today and things went pretty splendidly-it might have helped that Robby was here for most of it!  Reagan was the only one who didn't finish today and that was because I ran out of time to work with her on her spelling, language and writing.  That is fine since we are only doing one more day of school this week.
  • Whitman had spent the night with Grannymom and Robby, Graham, Campbell and Keaton ran to pick up our boy.  As soon as he walked back in the house, he said "I play" and went upstairs to his train tracks.  
  • We had lunch and then headed to meet the Skelleys for an afternoon of swimming at their grandpa's pool.  The kids jumped in and swam for about 10 minutes when we stared hearing thunder.  Laura and I tried to act like that was not what we heard for a good while but eventually, we did make everyone get out of the pool.  
  • The kids had some ice cream and then spent some time swinging as the storm just rolled closer and closer to us.  Eventually the lightening started followed by the rain-since the kids were in their bathing suits, we just let them dance in the rain.  Eventually we decided that the weather wasn't going to improve so we headed home...and of course the sun was shining by the time we made it home.
  • This did give the kids a bit of movie time before we headed off to VBS for day 3!  Everyone was so excited again tonight and they all went in with fist full of money.  Unfortunately the boys are way ahead of the girls!  Reagan said that one of her new friends was going to bring 500 dollars-I said that surely her mom wouldn't let her do that and Reagan shot back "it is for church."
  • While they were gone, we cleaned out the garage as Whitman sat in a lawn chair with his legs crossed eating cheese, crackers and chocolate chips.  We then went down the road to walk for a bit with the WIlsons and by the time we made it back to pick up the kids we were pretty sweaty!
  • Showers for everyone and then bedtime.  We had been back downstairs for about 3 minutes when Campbell came downstairs saying that she was scared-what in the world?  I walked her back upstairs and she ended up switching beds with Reagan but with Keaton growling at her, I am not sure that she will last up there tonight!

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