August 11, 2015

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  • Tuesday morning and we started off with breakfast and then our school work.  The boys were a tad bit distracted this morning and they were quickly sent out of the school room.  I thought that I should probably lock the school room door one day and not let anyone work in there. After everyone was split up, they finally started on their work which was a good thing because we had a busy afternoon.
  • We ate a snacky lunch and then it was time for start on our chores.  Not too many chores today and the kids work fast when we are getting to go to the pool.  At 2, we met Lilli, Cash and Grannymom and the kids swam all afternoon.
  • And who else swam?  My Keaton.  She was a brave little thing today-swimming from the slide to the ladder time after time again.  Now she just needs lots and lots of practice....but she will have a bit more practice tomorrow too!  ("operation getting my money's worth out of our pool membership" is in high gear this week!)
  • Grannymom and I let the kids play on the playground for a few minutes before coming home. Robby brought home us supper and we all enjoyed it.  The kids convinced me to make brownies for a snack so we ate our snack as we watched the Love Bug (very interesting watching a movie from the 60s with the kids)
  • After tucking the kids into bed, I spent quite a bit of time upstairs trying to figure out what sound the kids were hearing.  I could hear no squeaking sound at all but the kids were convinced that they were hearing something.  I had to play 20 questions with them to figure out what they were even hearing-is it a squeak like an animal? is it loud? is it coming from over here? is it constant? Finally, it was determined that it was their ceiling fan.  
  • I then went downstairs and returned right back upstairs.  Reagan said that when I opened the door she knew exactly why I was back-to take her pictures.  She was the only one who I had not snapped a picture of today.  I try my best to get everyone's pictures every day but sometimes I have to rouse them from their slumber to take a picture.

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