August 9, 2015

Celebrating Jenna's 22nd Birthday!
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  • Robby and I should know by now that when the house is oddly quiet then something bad is happening somewhere.  After the breakfast and after the kids were all dressed, I noticed that they all migrated upstairs.  Robby and I wondered if they were playing the wii but then decided that they probably didn't know how to turn it on.  Soon it was time for church and we called them downstairs and found out what they were doing.
  • The kids aren't allowed to use the netflix ap on their kindles (we thougth we had taken it off of most of them-we have left one on so Whitman can watch his Thomas)  When they came down the steps, Robby realized that they weren't just playing their kindles, they were watching a movie.  So he asked and of course the answers were "no" and "not me" and all other sorts of denials until Keaton bopped down the stairs and said "yep" (too young to really get lying!)
  • So that meant they lost their kindles for the day which wasn't too big of a punishment.  Gracious me, children!  We just loaded them up and dropped them off at God's house so they could get a good dose of religion!  (Speaking of good dose-two really good sermons today at church...maybe a kid or two was listening!)  Not only did they get a good dose of religion today, they also got a good dose of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Shipleys doughnuts, Dunkin Doughnuts, Snow Cones and Saltine crackers.  This was the last day before Sunday school promotion and I do think that some teachers were celebrating!
  • Lunch was at Dana's house to celebrate Jenna's birthday.  The kids were inside to sing Happy Birthday to her but by the time it was present time, they had all migrated back outside.  Since then I have had 4 kiddos come to me and ask if Jenna opened her presents or if she got any presents.  Maybe next time I shouldn't let them miss present time-even if the presents just are a gift card and recipe book (we thought they might be bored)
  • After a bit of playtime, we ran home to shower everyone and then had a few minutes of downtime before heading back to church for a Sunday school meeting.  The big 3 were allowed to play in the game room but the little 3 went to a class during our meeting-this was delightful for Whitman-going to class with his 2 little mothers.
  • When big church started, I had to sneak around the corner and pull Campbell out for big church.  She was not to happy to come with me and would have preferred to stay and play.  But the bribe of ice cream tonight was strong enough to keep her semi glued to her pew.
  • Once at home, pajamas were put on and then it was ice cream time!-my favorite night of the week.  Unfortunately, ice cream time has become a permenant part of our routine around here.  This week I am going to try to make the treadmill and eating semi healthish part of my routine-I even set out my new box of raisin bran for breakfast (hope I like raisin bran!)  

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