August 13, 2015-Happy Birthday Nonna!

Celebrating Nonna's Birthday!
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  • Everyone slept fairly well last night and there was little coughing (that I heard at least!)  Anderson was the first one up and soon we were eating our breakfast and starting on school.  The kids only had a bit of school to do this morning since we were finishing a day of school that we had only done bits and pieces of this week.
  • Campbell was excited that she had a box of pudding to make as part of her school.  Then while we were making it, she said "well this isn't as exciting as I thought it would be...I thought it would take longer."  Well, I guess she will have to move up to something more difficult for her cooking school.  I do need to do better about teaching the kids how to cook-first I must learn myself!
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over around lunch.  We all ate on the patio which was surprisingly lovely.  This weather is pretty wierd but we did enjoy it with a game of kickball.  Grandpa and Robby were busy working on our lemon of a lawn mower while we played.  The kids were absolutely horrible during our game-bad sports, horrible attitudes-I guess they can't be good all of the time....if they could just be good some of the time!  :)
  • After the game was over (my team won!) I loaded up my boys and took them to the doctor.  In just a little over 6 months, we have had a heart cath, flu, ear infections, stitches, lice, swimmer's ear and I was anxious to learn what would be added to our list....staph!  The boys both have had a bite like rash on their bum for far too long so hopefully the diagnosis of staph is correct and we can cure it quickly.  
  • Back home for a slow afternoon and then lots of leftovers for supper.  As soon as supper was over and the toy room was cleaned, we loaded up to go to the birthday girls house.  We brought ice cream and peach cobbler to Nonna's house and celebrated her birthday with her.  Whitman could not wait to help blow out Nonna's candles for her.
  • After a bit of playtime, we loaded up and came home for bedtime-my least favorite time of the day.  Everyone seems to get a bit wild and crazy at bedtime.  Thankfully tonight there was not too much excitement and all of our people are at least quite right now and hopefully sound asleep!

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