August 26, 2015

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  • We don't have too many Wednesdays left where we can spend most of the day in our pjs.  Bible study will be starting soon and even though I am excited about it, I am also dreading it!  It just makes for such a long day on Wednesdays but today wasn't that day, so we woke up early and pressed on with school. 
  • For some reason, everything last night that we had discussed about school today was completely ignored.  Campbell finished her work quickly and then proceeded to set up a water bottle stand and Thomas the Train bookstore in the kitchen.  Needless to say that this caused quite a distraction.
  • Anderson finished his work today a little after 11 and raised his hands in the air and shouted "a new record."  I guess that he should have been proud-he put his head down and got to work which was wonderful...especially since Graham took Anderson's spot and had to work on his school work during movie time.  Goodness gracious these people are going to cause me to loose my mind-I can not imagine being a teacher and having a classroom full.
  • At 11:30, I had everyone stop what they were doing so we could pick up, get ready and then do our chores before Nonna came over.  She was bringing us lunch and the kids were as excited about pulling stuff out of their lunch bags as they are about pulling items out of their Christmas stockings.
  • After lunch, Nonna stayed for a bit and once she left, the rest of us started on our together work while Whitman napped.  The kids colored while I read.  One of the stories I read to the kids was Hansel and Gretel.  I had a story book of it growing up and used to love the book so I checked the original version out from the library.  The boys were enthralled with it and asked me to read page after page-it is a bit on the creepy side (step-mother leaving kids in the forest twice, witch caging kids and trying to fatten them up so she could eat them, witch being pushed into the oven and burned alive.)  
  • This afternoon was spent with snacks, another water bottle store ran by Keaton and Campbell, a few movies and then supper before church tonight.  The kids Wednesday night is back in session so everyone was happy to start that routine again.  Robby and I have our same old job of puppets so the evening seemed to fly by.
  • Back at home, the kids compared teachers while eating a snack and then it was bedtime for everyone.  You never know what will happen at night time-last night Reagan came into our bedroom while we were reading before bed.  She sat on the edge of the bed and mumbled something about reading a notebook.  That child never leaves the room except to come and get us for someone else but she must not have been completely awake last night.  This morning she remembered it but tried to say that the clock was wrong and she thought it was wake up time (the clock was not wrong).  I must have a sleep walker!

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