August 19, 2015

Field Trip to Pops' office!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • We were up early this morning becuase this was a big day around here.  The kids were quick to get ready and this was a pop tart morning while I finished getting things ready.  I am not really sure who planned our day at 9 but goodness that was early for us to get across town (actually, that was me that planned it at 9!)
  • Robby left first and picked up lunch for us and then saved a parking spot for us while he waited on us.  After our breakfast, we loaded up and picked up the Kamps and then lucked into a parking spot by Robby.  He was able to give his spot to Candice and Pops walked up at about the same time.
  • Once inside the capitol, the Skinners were there and the Stotts and Powells arrived soon.  Pops walked us to the Treasurer's Office and we learned all about it.  There were 19 kids (7 adults) and thankfully, Pops said that we were not any more noisy than most.
  • The most interesting facts that all of my people remembered from the day is that the vault door in the Treasurer's Office was brought into the building on train tracks since it was so heave and the bronze front doors of the capital are polished for 3 hours a day.  
  • We took turns going into the vault and when they entered the kids were handed a stack of money-some were $100,000.  My kids were impressed with all of that money but they really have no idea how much they were actually holding.  
  • After our tour, we went downstairs and then took a tour of the capitol building.  We stopped in the rotunda, Governor's Conference room, Supreme Court and House of Representatives.  Then it was time to head back home-thankfully we made it to our car before it started to rain.
  • But it was still raining-or really pouring-when we all ran into Rock Creek to play for a bit.  I dropped the kids off and they didn't get too wet but my pants were soaked up to my knees!  The kids enjoyed playing after their lunch and the adults enjoyed talking but we will have to bring our ear plugs next time since our crew was noisy!
  • I decided to treat the kids with slushies from Sonic on the way home.  I checked to make sure that they were on sale today and the lady said yes.  So as I prepared to recite my order, I said that I had 6 and she said that the limit was 4.  Okay, then I started to rattle off my orders "sour blue raspberry with nerds" and she stopped me saying that the candy add ins were not included.  (I had assumed she would just charge me more but she didn't give me that option) Okay, so I tried again with "sour blue raspberry, 2 sour apples" and she stopped me saying that they were out of "sour."  Okay, I finally was able to order correctly and we then recieved our order-we had to do a bit of swapping but everyone ended up happy with their "orders."  
  • Once at home, the kids did one school box, played with their perler beads, followed me around the house, had a bit of cereal and then picked up before supper.  Robby made hamburgers and everyone at while I snuck out of the house to go to church to register the kids for Wednesday nights.
  • When I made it home, the kids were watching a movie and Robby left to go and walk with the Wilsons for a bit.  When he came home the kids were in bed and everyone pretty much crashed!

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