August 18, 2015

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  • Today was Keaton's first day at preschool and she was more than a little bit excited.  I do believe that she was grinning from ear to ear as her and Robby drove off to school.  It did make dropping her off pretty easy since we have known her teacher all of our lives.  
  • With Keaton gone today our day seemed a bit different.  School was calmer and that could have been by chance or it could just be because one person was gone.  But I did notice the difference of having Keaton gone when it was time to pick up (she seems to still pull out everything-including her baby dolls, diaper bags and stroller).
  • Reagan was the last one to finish her school work today and actually she didn't even finish.  That girl worked in everyone room of this house and at each place she seemed to leave some of her school work behind.  I found her last bit of work left in the bonus room.  She has been wanting for me to give her a weeks worth of work at a time so she can pick and choose what she wants to do each day but I can't imagine her leaving that all through the house.
  • There was at least one chess game happening today-a few weeks ago I had seen their chess set and thought that they never play.  But after leaving the chess board out for the past few days, it has gotten lots of play time...but then I put it up tonight.  I just can not stand clutter.
  • This afternoon we did some work together and then the kids watched a Huckleberry Fin Redbox movie.  They were really interested in it and while they were transifixed, I worked my tail off.  I am trying to get ready for the big room swtich-I am so overwhelmed just thinking about it so I am taking baby steps (moved a bookshelf today, found some garage sale stuff)  I will get there eventually.
  • When Keaton and Robby came home the potatoes were still cooking.  When they were finally baked, we ate our supper.  My big 3 really liked baked potatoes but my little 3, not so much.  I figured that they had enough cheese on top to make a meal.  Keaton and Campbell passed out jello for dessert (which was such a mess on the floor!)
  • We played Fibber and Spot It tonight before bed-nothing like getting the kids all wild and crazy before sending them to bed!

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