August 20, 2015

Happy Birthday "Evelyn"
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  • We had waffles and pancakes this morning and for some reason all of my people wanted pancakes.  This was fine until I ran out of pancakes so I only had to offer up waffles.  And to add further anguish to everyone, my waffles did not have chocolate chips in them like the pancakes.  I did pull out a bag of chocolate chips so I could make my people happy.
  • Robby took Keaton to school this morning and Whitman rode with him which allowed us a few minutes of quiet-er time here.  School went pretty well today and because of this little qiuet start, Reagan and Graham were finished around 11.  Anderson took a bit more time to do his work-he so easily gets distracted by anything and everything.  
  • Now, Campbell goes in and gets her school work done pretty well.  The majority of her work is done with me and today Reagan sat with her and did some which was wonderful.  After Campbell finished, she went upstairs to play with Whitman.  Usually Keaton is the one entertaining Whitman during school so Campbell took over that roll today.  But by the end of the day, Campbell was ready for her Keaton to get home.
  • We had leftovers for lunch and then did a bit of reading about Christopher Columbus.  After that the kids watched movies while Whitman napped.  Around 4:30, Nonna and Pops brought Keaton home.  She had spent the day over there and had a great time playing with Nonna.
  • Now, my sweet, precious Keaton is usually the kindest thing ever but lately she has turned over a mean streak.  So this afternoon when she was fussing about something, Reagan said "why is she like this?"  I then reminded her that Campbell was like that during school time and then encouraged her that Keaton will only act like this for the next 2 years while she is in school.
  • Robby went to church to help work tonight and the rest of us went upstairs for a birthday party.  Reagan's American Girl doll had her birthday party-there was a dance competition, the Hokey Pokey, London Bridges, Duck, Duck, Goose, presents and even cupcakes with a candle.  That doll had a pretty big party for a piece of plastic!  
  • When the party was over, we had supper and then cleaned up before going out back to eat cake that Nonna had brought over.  I had decided that there is no reason for us to eat messy things inside when we can just as easily eat outside!
  • Then it was bedtime...but my kids were rescued by the doorbell.  Shannon and Brett came over to drop off some recipes for my new meal planning venture!

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