August 15, 2015

Run with the Son Day!
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  • My Reagan was the only Dennie not here for the Run with the Son this morning but I do not think that she minded since she had a blast at Alyssa Kate's house-she did say that Alyssa Kate's dad asked her lots of questions about breakfast "runny egg? fried egg? scrambled egg?" were just some that she named.  
  • The rest of us were up before the son (not really) but my kids quickly pulled on their clothes while Robby went about his pre-race routine (you can ask him about it, if you would like.)  The kids had time to grab a nutritious (not) breakfast before we left.
  • As we pulled up to the race, the kids saw Jason and all cheered.  Then we saw Nonna and Pops and then Grannymom and Grandpa.  The boys were so excited to have everyone cheering for them.  
  • But first we had to cheer for Robby.  We watched the 5k runners (including Robby) pass us by 4 times.  Robby finished with a good time-a bit slower than last year-but much better than I could do.  
  • Then it was time for the boys to run.  They were all talk but my people aren't runners and but the did pretty good.  My only word of advice to them was don't stop and don't be last-and they did/were neither so that was very good.  Robby had to run the last lap with the boys, especially Graham, to keep them going.  The mile course includes running up the big hill on the "new road" at church-that hill is probably a killer (I do not know since I have only driven up it!)  Both boys finished in the middle of the pack which was great.  Before the race, Anderson had decided that he wanted to run the 5k next year but after his race, Anderson said that he was just going to cheer everyone on next year.
  • And finally it was time for Keaton and Campbell's race.  I walked the girls to the line and then walked away for a second and then saw Anderson talking to Keaton.  When he walked back to me, he said that he was just giving her some "encouraging words."  That race was over really quick and those kids ran their hearts out.  Whitman was even in the mix at the end and Robby tried to get him to run some but he was overwhelmed by the screaming crowd but someone ran and gave him a medal too (I had a spare from Graham's kickball party in my bag just in case Whitman decided that he needed one)
  • After the race, Graham went home with Nonna and Pops and we debated going home and starting our yard work and had almost talked ourselves out of it but we went ahead anyway.  Robby put new blades on his mower and mowed some and I raked up tiny limbs and leftover debris in a good bit of the yard.  And man, did that ever make a difference.  My next outside project is mulch for my flower beds. 
  • The kids were in and out most of the time that we were outside.  The last bit they had gone in and Keaton came out to see us for a minute.  Robby told her that we were going swimming and asked her to pick up just the cones that they had been playing with-about 10 minutes later we walked to the driveway to find Keaton still picking up and she had almost cleaned up all of the toys that they had brought out.  She must have really understood where we were going because later as everyone else was trying to get out the door, I looked out and she was standing by the red van waiting on us to unlock the door.
  • Grannymom met us at the pool and we all took a turn swimming in the ice cold water.  We had picked Reagan up first and she had spent the morning swimming so I do believe that she swam for about 6 hours today and was pretty spent tonight.  Keaton is doing really well on her swimming and continues to impress me-she will still get swimming lessons next year though.
  • When we came home tonight, the kids helped clean up the house and then we had burgers and hot dogs for supper.  The kids then wathced some tv while Robby and worked in the kitchen and then they went to bed before 8!  I am sure that they are pretty beat today.

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